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September 23 is Sexual Freedom Day!


Tomorrow is Sexual Freedom Day, established as such by the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, September 23 being its namesake Victoria Woodhull’s birthday. I thought I’d take a minute and let you know that I will be attending and participating in tomorrow’s activities as a recognized member of the polyamory leadership community. I did this last year as well. Woodhull is based here in DC and does excellent work on behalf of all of us. In case you aren’t familiar with them, their mission is, in part: “… to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right, working towards a [...]

Do the Holidays Equal Relationship Doom?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving kicks off the annual relationship freeze which lasts through the New Year. Much like government wage freezes that leave DMV workers and other civil servants with salaries stuck in 1973, the annual dating freeze cements you for three months in whatever…

Glamourgasm XXX Antonia


Duration: 17:09 Keywords: Glamourgasm XXX Antonia blonde blowjob pornstar ride doggystyle

Dildo Review: Fun Factory Share XL


It was not long after I reviewed the Fun Factory Share that Fun Factory released the next in the Share line: the Fun Factory Share XL. When I first laid eyes on it I knew I would have to have it. Now, nearly two years later, I finally get to share01 with you the excellence that is the Share XL.

The Share XL is a double-ended dildo designed to be used like a strap-on, only it doesn’t need a harness to work. There are quite a few other products designed to do the same thing, but this is by [...]

ouch my boobs! And weird cycle isses. Bonus – could I be preggo too?

Any help from the VPers I have some odd boob issues right now………….

lordy be – they HURT, they are so so very sore – (hubs dont even BREATH on them – looking might not be cool either, touch and I will take your fingers off) the feel sore, kinda tingle and ache, I dont even have to touch them, and they just ache (this is not normal for me)

These days I usually get breast pain up to 2 weeks before my AF comes  (that is the max)

I am on day 20 currently – my pain became noticeable [...]

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