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Black Bisexual Men and Woman


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is it OK to leave in your menstrual cup pretty much 24/7 (daily washings) for long periods of time?

So I take BC continuously for terrible dysmenorrhea. Recently I tried to switch pills to see if my mood or acne would improve, but apparently I can only handle the lowest estrogen pills. That also means…lots of spotting. Especially when you're switching, or starting up. I'm used to having around 3 months (!!) of light spotting every day before it clears up.

Right now it is probably light enough to use a panty liner, and I actually do for backup, but I would prefer to not make any sort of mess. By now the flow is just a bit of [...]



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The sad death of SSS

It was sad to read on Fetlife the other day of the demise of the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. It’s been largely dormant in the recent past, and the current moderator’s now decided (absolutely fairly) that the effort and cost of maintaining it is not something he can continue to support. As his final post on the group on 10 December explained:

I’ve just told our ‘bot host to cancel the hosting account. The group will stop working very shortly.

A couple of days later, on Fetlife, he added:

I still have the keys to the domain registry account where the group’s [...]

How do I deal with my girthy penis?

Q: My penis has too much girth. Erect, it’s a little less than 6 inches in circumference, but none of my girlfriends has ever been comfortable with it. Especially now that my current partner has had menopause. I’m wondering if there’s a special condom that restricts circumference but not length. I expect not, but perhaps there’s something else to do about it. Nothing gruesome, most of the time I like it the way it is.

A: Even if your penis is too thick to be comfortable for your partners at first, there are indeed things you can do to make [...]