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Love reduces pain? Anyone over 30 knows otherwise.


This is why I don’t trust stories about new findings in sex or relationships, no matter how fun the conclusion might be. Sometimes even reading the abstract of the actual study, and preferably the whole study paper, does not ease my suspicions. Not that my intuition or feelings constitute evidence against the accuracy of a study. But if it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t feel right.

New Scientist posted a blurb last Friday, called Being in love eases the pain. It reports on Stanford researchers who did some real science-y kind of stuff, like brain scans. The goal [...]

Challenging Myself


If there are rules, I tend not to follow them – not unless someone can give me a pretty good reason for that rule to be there. So when it comes to body hair, and society’s rules? I stick my tongue out at them! I have wild bush and silky pits, and I love them like that.

This month, though, I challenged myself – because one of the few areas of my body that I don’t adore is my chinny-chin-chin, and the ever-appearing hairs. So I’ve been ignoring the tweezers and letting them grow, and grow, and grow. (And [...]

Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing Review

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