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Why We Love Missionary


Today”s featured video is Why We Love Missionary. When one thinks about “sex,” man on top may come to mind first. It’s often the way intercourse starts and ends. But do women like it? Does it enable orgasm and provide the intimacy desired? Here the women discuss, and give advice, on missionary. watch video TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

Did Human Evolution Favor Monogamy or Polygamy?


This content was sent by Anita Wagner Illig using Format Dynamics’ eco-friendly CleanPrint/Save. Enjoy! Message: A very good article that pretty well declares that we humans are monogmmish, a term sex columnist Dan Savage coined to describe his relationship with his husband. This writer acknowledges the research and informed opinions of Christopher Ryan Ph.D. and Cacilda Jetha, Ph.D. in their book, Sex at Dawn, which he acknowledges have certainly received more than their share of controversy. People really do get upset when we talk honestly on this subject. Which is why I love seeing this kind of article because [...]

British milfs gangbang amateurs


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That Gunman Guy was Pathetic

I only have one thing to say about the events at Sandy Hook elementary school this past week: The gunman, Adam Lanza, was a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I don’t believe better gun laws are the answer. Certainly, this country needs an overhaul of firearms legislation, but if people want to hurt other people, they’re going to do it. If not with guns, they’ll use knives or bombs or whatever they can find. So right now, all the gun law talk makes me roll my eyes.

I also don’t believe better mental health care is the answer. [...]

Stacking Nuvaring

Question: I’m supposed to take out my NR soon, for the first time after 3 cycles on it. Do I have to keep it out for a week or can I put a new one in after, say, 4 days or so? Would it cause spotting?

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