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Can you feel when a man cums inside?

Q: My boyfriend always asks me if I feel him cum. I can’t feel it. I can tell when he cums from his physical change or sounds he makes but I can’t feel anything inside me. Is this unusual that I can’t feel anything? When reading porn, it makes you thing that you should be able to feel it. But hey, how true is that?

A: It’s common that women don’t feel their partner ejaculating inside of them; many other women report this. While there are nerve endings in the vagina, most are close to the vaginal entrance rather [...]

Storage Solution: Sex Toy Chest Doubles As Furniture (Dick)


We have a few sex toys, we have a few kids, and we had a small storage problem. We needed a place to keep our stuff, to separate products by material, and to spare nosy children from undue heebie jeebies.

Our solution was a slightly modified aquarium stand which now acts as bedroom furniture with securable compartments. It’s not the type of security that could thwart a determined thief, but it’s good enough for our purpose. Here’s what I did (click images to enlarge or you can also view these pictures as a slideshow)…

Our new bedroom [...]

Slut brunette fucking with two dicks


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scent, redux

In the most recent issue of Filthy Gorgeous Things, I wrote a piece about scent. My editor in her infinite wisdom changed the original title, which had been something horrible, to a line from the text, "We Are Mammals Under Our Thin Skins." Here's an excerpt:

I wish I had scratch-and-sniff remembrances for all my favorite lovers. I imagine thin cards, slick and white and vaguely clinical. A swift scratch on the rough patch and the sudden call to mind of this one, his roasty rosy odor; or that one, her perfume of strawberry and algae; or that one, his [...]

It’s not easy being a sex blogger


In recent months I’ve been able to tell a few outside-the-bubble people that I am a sex blogger. It’s always a weird thing, filled with uncertainty and trepidation. A few weekends ago it was a fact about me that came out pretty early on into being introduced to new friends, friends of a friend. And sure enough they seemed to take it pretty well. I’m not used to spitting that out. But OH IT’S NICE to talk about my sex toys, the silicone, the jelly, the chemicals to non-bloggers. I was told I lit up when I spoke of [...]

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