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Is it rude to give your partner tips on how to please you?

Q: If you are looking for more excitement during sex with your partner, is it wrong to ask him to do something that turns you on? To him, it’s a turn off and he gives up on sex completely.

When he wants sex, which is almost everyday, I’m not as thrilled cause he’s a quick cummer. I try to boost my energy so we can try but I don’t get turned on by just seeing naked people. For him I just take off my clothes and he’s hard. I try to ask him to do a few simple things [...]

Coming off HBC – extreme mood swings

Hi lovelies!

I posted here asking about experiences of coming off Cerazette and got great responses, but I think I’m having a side effect from coming off HBC – after a decade – that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for and so didn’t recognise immediately.

Came off seven weeks ago, and three weeks later I started having this feeling of being ‘trapped’ in my life and wanting to run away/ get away somehow, like imagining I should get a job in another country and googling it, things like that which are very out of character – I was happy before [...]

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Have you ever had a UTI along with another infection?

More specifically, a sinus infection. Every time my UTI is about to come back, my nose gets itchy. The last time I was on antibiotics for the UTI, the nose itchiness went away as well, so I figured it must be the bacteria. (had to go shopping for a new pillow/blanket, do a thorough cleaning, open the window for fresh air every day in the cold winter just to be safe.. so far so good, I guess)

Also, does anyone get slight headache/dizziness and maybe urethra burning after taking cranberry pills for prevention? 

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