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I’m a pretty up kind of person.

I try not to let shit bog me down, try not to let the little things worry me too much, try to live in the moment and be thankful for what I have.

But lately?

I have the blues, man.

Mostly it’s little stuff; the kid growing up so fast, money issues, health issues (that cause more money issues), car problems, stress, too much to do and not enough time to do it, no help around the house…

You know, normal complaints.

And maybe I just let them wear me down to a [...]

hot couple


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How To Tell Him You’ve Been Faking Your Orgasm

An orgasm is something many women fake, but you definitely have to come clean if you want to actually have a decent sex life. Here’s how to tell him.

No guy wants to know that you’ve been faking your orgasm, but you have been and you’ve decided you want to tell him the truth: he’s not doing it for you. This is a delicate conversation to say the least. How do you do it? How can you tell him you’ve been faking your orgasm?

What She Said About Your Fake Orgasm:

Why have you been faking? I don’t understand women [...]

How His Sense of Smell Affects Him in the Bedroom


Dating someone who's got a bad sense of smell? Well… Aside from him possibly being a freaking psychopath, he probably hasn't slept with a lot of girls.By Dara AdeeyoResearchers analyzed men with anosmia (aka no sense of smell) to see how the disorder affected their lives. As a result, they found that men who could smell better, had an average of nine sexual partners in their lifetime. Meanwhile, men with poor sense of smell averaged three.Related: Guys With a Bad Sense of Smell Might be Psychopaths?Hm. Scientists believe that it's because sense of smell is linked to our emotions. …


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