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Kayaking from the Colohatchee Boat Ramp in Wilton Manors

3D SexVilla 2

Another afternoon on the water.  I was in the mood to paddle some canals in Wilton Manors, which is a city in Florida, that is close to Fort Lauderdale.

Wilton Manors is known as the Island City, cause it is entirely surrounded by water.  It is also well known as one of the most gay friendly cities in America.  San Francisco is well known as being gay friendly too.  Here, I’ll post an old San Francisco song here  >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_WG3d3GL8

Wilton Manors is the kind of city in which you will often see male couples walking down the road.  It is a favorite place for TS’s aka transsexuals to live too.  One thing that you will also notice, and especially if you are kayak paddling down canals like I do, the landscaping, decorating, paint colors and most every thing else is very gay.  What do I mean via very gay?  Every thing looks really good.  Every thing has an architectural aesthetic easiness to the eye.  Why?  Cause gays have a thing with interior and exterior decorating.

Wikipedia for Wilton Manors  (says it is the second largest gay population in America) >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilton_Manors,_Florida

I kid you not, if you were with me paddling down a canal, and we played a little game.  I say to you, tell me which houses you think are gay owned.  You will immediately pick up on what I am talking about and immediately be able to identify those houses.  The multi-color flags are a dead giveaway, but even with out a flag, you can tell….. you are in gay city.

Are all occupants of Wilton Manors gay? No.  Young families tend to like to buy there too.  You’ll notice the temporary child protector fences around built in pools and along canal edges where young children live.

Some thing else you’ll notice.  Many of the houses are older, and some of the older houses have been bull dozed and a 2 or 3 story palatial house is built in its place.  Some of these palace houses would be fit to be closer to the shore, like the mansions off Las Olas Blvd.  It is said that real estate values are location, location, location.

Wilton Manors is not the beach and I am sure that a posh house that might be $2 mil in Wilton Manors, would be like $5 to $8 mil if on one of the Las Olas canal streets.

Paddling in the canals of Wilton Manors, it might be easy to get lost. Why?  Cause the canals are winding, bending and interconnected.

After a couple hours on the water, I returned to my vehicle and drove to an area not too far from George English park.  I parked there and watched the Middle River, taking in the beauty of boats in their slips and stand up paddle surfers paddling by and also boat traffic.

Docked there is a 130 foot party boat via the name Catalina.  It was decorated for Christmas with lights and a tree on board too.  I will post a link to their site here. >>> http://sundreamyachts.com/

All this month Subway has a special of a 6″ meatball sub for $2.  I got 2 of them and chowed down on my 12″ meatball sub for $4. :)

Right across the street is a Bentley car dealer.>>> http://bentleyfortlauderdale.com/  What is noteworthy is that this dealership has zero cars for sale on their lot.  All of the cars are in their inside show room.  I guess when your low end car is $200,000. you don’t park them out side! :)

I stopped off at Aldi supermarket to pick up a few items.  Two carts were stranded in the parking lot and I returned them up front to claim my 25 cents from each one!!! :)

It’s weird, as I type this, I have my sliding glass door open and despite it being Dec 1 and 8:30 pm, it is hot enough out that I need to put the AC on.  It must be upper 70′s right now.  That is one of the good things about living in south Florida I guess.  You feel like you are cheating Mother Nature.  Why do you think the majority of people from the north east retire to Florida when they get older?  It’s the warm winter weather!

A little bit of trivia…..  We have a Dollar Tree down here.  It is a 99 cent store.  In reality it is a dollar store, cause every item in the store is a dollar.  Our Dollar Tree has a recently expanded frozen food case.  I bought a one pound package of  Winter Blend, which is cauliflower and broccoli.  It had quite a bit of writing on the package, so I put reading glasses on to see what it had to say.  #1 noteworthy thing is that it is a product of China!  Unbelievable!  Did this cauliflower and broccoli grow in China and come here on a freezer ship and STILL only cost 99 cents at Dollar Tree?  Here is their web site (from China I guess) >>> http://treasurevalley.com   

Wilton Manors is a cool town.  If you drop your soap though, don’t bend over to pick it up!!! :) Kidding you!!!

From Wikipedia >>>  Wilton Manors is known as a gay village, although its population is extremely diverse.[citation needed] Wilton Manors ranks 2nd in the U.S. for its percentage of gay residents as a proportion of total population, with 140 gay residents per 1,000 residents.[7] The Fort Lauderdale area ranks 4th in metro areas (per capita). Neighboring Oakland Park is ranked sixth on the list. Wilton Manors has approximately 1270% more gay men per capita than the national average

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