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Is It Hot To Get Caught? (Dick)

3D SexVilla 2
Have you ever been caught masturbating? Have you ever wanted to be caught masturbating… hoping to be discovered by someone who would be more than happy to assist? Yeah, me too.

Or better, to be the one doing the catching… to walk in on your love interest in full horny hotness rubbing one out, all warmed up and aching for release? Yeah, me too.

Either I am clueless or Jane is stealthy because I have never accidentally stumbled in on her self entertainment. We have planned ahead to have me join her after a personal warm up (which is fun) but it has never happened organically with any actual surprise factor.

For a long time I could tell (after the fact) when Jane had been busy tending her own garden. I’d let her know later, teasingly, that I noticed she had some fun without me… and she always looked surprised, “how did you know”?  Eventually, I reluctantly shared the clues she unknowingly left behind.

It turns me on when Jane masturbates but it’s pretty clear she enjoys her privacy sometimes. One of these days, though… I’ll be minding my own business, run up to our bedroom to get my wallet, and step into a steamy scene of Jane grinding her clit into the relentless vibrations of her favorite toy. On that day, I’ll be more than willing to assist.

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