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Intriguing Reading #46

3D SexVilla 2

My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2: “I still distinctly remember the first couple of hours of Fallout 2. Fallout 2 was the first game I picked up of my own volition, and the first game I finished on my own. It would also be one of the only games where I played as a woman–it’s one of the rare instances where, though obviously largely written for a male audience, I still felt acknowledged. I modified one of the starting characters, Chitsa. I appreciated that she was optimized for diplomacy, though I tweaked her to have high intelligence (“like me!,” I thought) and got rid of her sex appeal perk. No, I didn’t really want to “have a way” with the opposite sex–not in the manner the game implied, anyway.” (Patricia Hernandez / Rock, Paper Shotgun)

Taking Ideology to the Streets: Sex Work and How to Make Bad Things Worse: “In my angrier moments, I think: You want an emotive argument? Well-intentioned people are backing laws that lead desperate women to get into cars with known rapists. Anti-prostitution activists say that prostitution is violence in and of itself, as if the levels of violence experienced by sex workers cannot rise or fall, as if the scene has always been as violent as it has been post-2007. But it hasn’t, and the women on the streets know this.” (Nine / Feminist Ire)

Tony Harris, video games, and the problem of the “geek girl”: “My only reaction to Mr. Harris is this pro tip: IF YOU DON’T WANT GIRLS DRESSING UP IN SEXY OUTFITS AT CONS, THEN DON’T DRAW THEM SO SEXY IN THE COMICS MR. ARTIST. Anyone see the irony, there? He complains about the sexy little skimpy clothing, and yet, I haven’t seen anyone point the finger back at him, a famous comic book artist, and ask: Isn’t this YOUR fault in the first place? If you had drawn the women as real women and less than a scantily-clad barbie-like superhero, then perhaps these girls wouldn’t be TRYing to dress that sexy.” (A Tale of Bi and Bi)

Study: Porn stars aren’t “damaged”: “But the most fascinating hypothesis — and let’s remember, it’s just that — is that “being able to be completely naked in front of others” may be associated with higher self-esteem. (The paper cites another study finding that topless women at a beach reported higher self-esteem than those covered up.)” (Tracy Clark-Flory / Salon)

how a sex nerd copes: “So yeah, doing sexual assault work annihilates my sexual interest, dragging it into the swamp of rape culture and drowning it like a sack of kittens. Kittens that would otherwise have enjoyed some tumbling playtime with friends, followed by a nap and a leisurely bath.” (Emily Nagoski)

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