3D SexVilla 2


Intriguing Reading #42

3D SexVilla 2

My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

Sex Therapists: Awful to Awesome: “If a sex therapist blushes whenever anal sex is mentioned … run, do not walk, to the exit.” (Emily Daniel)

Beauty Privilege: Can We Talk?: “We’re so used to viewing women as objects (I include women in this) that we may forget they are subjects too, particularly when discussing looks. Most of the time we talk about beauty, we understandably talk about it in terms of how we look at people, not about the subjective experience of looking beautiful, or plain/cute/ weird/misshapen/hot/whatever. Certainly we don’t usually talk about it in terms of how we believe we’re seen.” (Autumn Whitfield-Madrano / The New Inquiry)

My Gender Variance (or, How Can You be Two People at Once when You’re Really Nobody at all?): “For it’s when we choose to step fully past the hard concrete barriers that have written on them in large blue and pink letters “BOY” and “GIRL” that we get hit over the head with the contradiction we are and the contradiction we are producing for everyone else. Suddenly, we are “sick” or “criminal” or misguided or misaligned, something to be “cured” or otherwise managed. That’s wrong, and crazy, so let me tell you plain and simple: we’re notthat at all. We are as normal as the next person, as regular a “guy” as the fellow sitting next to you right now, as typical a “girl” as you’d ever want to take home to mom.” (David Houston / Good Vibes Blog)

Subject, object; Schrodinger’s Cat and sex: “Of course it’s possible that by pointing the camera at Jem and pressing the shutter button I objectify her. However, she doesn’t appear to feel that way, or, if she does, she doesn’t appear at all puzzled or disappointed by it.” (Carter / It’s Just A Hobby)

Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming People Among First, Most Affected by War on Terror’s Biometrics Craze: “This story is about people, not their anatomy, except that in the case of airport scanners, this last vestige of individual privacy is on the table. Transgender people’s experiences vary as widely as the human mind and body, but trans communities have mapped out some common ground in language, experience and even documents such as the Transgender Law Center’s (TLC) fact sheet, Trans 101. The title might be considered a nod to the ad hoc teaching gig some trans people are thrust into simply by virtue of their identities.” (Alissa Bohling / Truthout)

Digestion: “I like to nom on concepts. To get them like a bone in my maw and gnaw away.  I enjoy tasting, slurping, and devouring ideas. I love the feeling of them slipping down my throat.  Some days though, the aftertastes can be challenging.  The time it takes between rounds of consumption.” (Lee Harrington)

Abandoned Plant That Used to Make Gas Masks (EnglishRussia)

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