3D SexVilla 2


Intriguing Reading #41

3D SexVilla 2

My regular roundup of interesting reads, found from all over the place.

The Crinkles: “When I say “I pose for art students both clothed and nude so that they may better their craft by having a living example of how the forms of the body work or how clothing functions on a moving person.” What people hear is “I demonstrate female ejaculation in front of young adults for money! It’s just like stripping! I have daddy issues! Does anyone have any cocaine?”” (Leia Worthington)

In the Lab With the World’s Leading Laugh Scientist: “Provine also found that tickling mysteriously disappears after age 40, most likely because that’s when children move out of the house and couples have less sex (tickling is often a form of foreplay). As Provine asks, “How many 80-year-olds get into tickle battles?”” (Judy Dutton / Mental Floss)

How to Die: “The Liverpool Pathway brings many of the practices of hospice care into a hospital setting, where it can reach many more patients approaching death. “It’s not about hastening death,” Sir Thomas told me. “It’s about recognizing that someone is dying, and giving them choices. Do you want an oxygen mask over your face? Or would you like to kiss your wife?”” (Bill Keller / New York Times)

I Love Big Old Droopy Boobs!: “Looking at pre-80s porn for the first time was a revelation for me — all those women with parts in a reasonable facsimile of what I’ve got, flabby and pale and beholden to gravity and meant to be considered sexy. And the tits were fucking glorious — all those huge, swinging, dangling orbs on 60s Playmates and Russ Meyer girls and vintage original burlesque dancers (Google image search Tempest Storm and thank me later).” (Emily McCombs / xoJane)

A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife: “Modern physics tells us that the universe is a unity—that it is undivided. Though we seem to live in a world of separation and difference, physics tells us that beneath the surface, every object and event in the universe is completely woven up with every other object and event. There is no true separation.” (Dr. Eben Alexander / The Daily Beast)

Girls of the Internet – produced by Hugh Hefner in 1996. The retro futurism is epic!

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