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I forgot to put my NuvaRing back in, now what?

3D SexVilla 2

Q: I take my nuvaring out during sex because I can feel it. I accidentally fell asleep last night without putting it back in. As soon as I realized this morning, I put it back in, but it was probably out for at least 9 hours. I’ve had this nuvaring in for almost two weeks now, but have I thrown off this month’s cycle entirely? I’m not terribly concerned about the sex I had last night because I used spermicide and my boyfriend pulled out (we’re pretty careful), but I’d like to know how cautious we should be for the rest of the month.

A: Thanks for your question. Since the nuvaring is a hormone releasing method, it’s important to use it consistently. According to the manufacturer’s website you may not be protected from pregnancy and should use another form of birth control like a condom or spermicide until you’ve used the nuvaring for seven consecutive days. There is more information on the website about what to do if your nuvaring is out for different lengths of time and we’d encourage you to check with the manufacturer for any other specific questions or concerns about the product. You could also talk to your doctor about the discomfort you are having keeping the nuvaring in during sex.

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