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How To REALLY Impress A Guy

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Dating tips for women aren’t something girls automatically “know.” Don’t bomb your next date – check out these tricks to really make an impression!

Knowing how to really impress a guy is one of the most important aspects of being a woman. When you meet a guy that you want, it’s fairly easy to fall into the trap of playing coy or hard to get. While these methods can work on some men, it’s not foul proof. Impressing a guy doesn’t take games or seduction methods. In fact, it’s really not that hard.

There are a several qualities that men find very impress in all women no matter what you look like. Here are some of the most desired qualities that will really impress a guy.

1. Have A Great Outlook On Life

Your outlook on life should always be positive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal or a conservative, a positive outlook on life can a very long way with men. Even if you’re not the bubbly type that is always smiling, being content with yourself and where you going over the next 4-5 years can be enough to impress him.

Nobody wants to date a downer. Keep this in mind the next time that you meet a guy that you really like. He wants to be inspired by you and the only he can do that is if you have positivity and know what you would like out of your time on the planet.

2. Look Great (Yes, This Is One Of The Essential Dating Tips!)

No, you don’t have to look like a supermodel to impress a guy. The typical girl goes out of her way to look her best all times. This usually does not work. Guys that see a girl dressed to the 9s every time they step out of the house assume they are high maintenance. While there is a time and a place for getting dressed up, guys generally want a girl that can toss on a pair of jeans and still look great. This may take some shopping.

No girl is going to look sexy in a pair of ragged Wranglers, but you also don’t want to use your $200 jeans for yard work. Find clothing that is not very fancy or expensive, but still accentuates your best attributes. Once this is accomplished he’s going to wonder why you’re the only one that can turn him on by dusting.

3. Be Honest

Have you ever watched a TV show and wondered, “Why didn’t she just tell him that from the start?” Lies have a way of surfacing. No matter how small or how big, there will come a time and place when your honesty is going to be tested. No guy wants to be with a girl that he can’t trust.

Open up to the guy from the moment that you meet him and he will appreciate it. A relationship built on trust and transparency can always be mended. One of the biggest fears of a guy is that the girl he is seeing isn’t being honest with him. Good or bad, always tell the truth and he will be extremely impressed right from the start.

4. Handle Stress Well

There are a lot of women that curl up into the fetal position every time they get stressed out. Guys love a strong woman that is good at problem solving and won’t freak out every time there is a bump in the road. Guys notice how the girls they are with handle stress. Whether you avoid it or tackle it head on, be sure that he’s watching.

He wants to make sure that you’re not going to have a total mental breakdown the next time that a restaurant forgets your reservation. Being easy going is one of the best qualities that you can have when dating. While you don’t want to float through the relationship, you also don’t want to be dram queen.

5. Be Independent

Being independent is a quality that every guy wants from a girl. Yes, traditionally it is the man’s job to bring home the bacon. However, we’re living in revolutionary times. Women are CEO’s, business owners and are even running as the president. We can’t have it both ways. We either want to be taken care of, which releases our power over the relationship or leads to guilt, or we have to be considered an equal. You never want the guy calling all the shots.

If you have plans with your girlfriends, stick to them. Never cancel plans because a guy wants you to. If you would rather hang out with him over your friends, then make that clear, but don’t do it just because he wants you to. Being independent shows that you’re not going to cater to his every whim and allows you to be your own woman.

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