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How much money can I make as a pro domme?

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Q: I’m writing because I’ve been working as a stripper for some time and am considering migrating from that branch of sex work into working as a pro domme. I was wondering if you know the average income for a pro domme or where I might be able to find that out. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of variation depending on experience, marketing skills, etc. I’m just curious about a ballpark figure so I can figure out if I can afford to live on the income domming would generation.

A: As you alluded to in your question an accurate estimate of incomes for pro domme services vary widely based on several factors including your geographic location, the economy, and the environment or establishment where you provide your services, in addition to the ones you already mentioned. Without knowing more information we can only guess at a range of hourly rates you might expect.

It might be more useful for you to do some research in your vicinity and in real time by searching the local community newspapers and internet advertising services such as Craigslist for services similar to the ones you are considering. This type of market research is fairly easy and very effective too. Even better would be to ask someone you know who is already providing these services about what their rates are and what they provide for those rates.

Sometimes the best way to get started in the pro domme business is to train or intern with an already established worker for a period of time. In fact, this is a common practice in the industry as many houses that offer these services have internship programs.

You might check out mypinkbook.com forums for some answers. Some of the users there are dommes, some are escorts, some are masseuses.

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