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Hot New Twists On Classic Sex Games!

3D SexVilla 2

Sex games that have been done over and over can be boring. But you can try these sexy new ways to do old sex games and have tons of fun!

Food Games

Every once in a while, choose culinary delights to accompany your intimate enterprise. In the field of food alone, there’s of myriad things to do – so long as the couple is not afraid of getting messy. Practically anything set on a table and served on a plate can be eaten off the human body. Practically anything a hand can hold can be fed to your lady.

But don’t feast ‘til the tank’s full, that’ll only make you sleepy, you might as well forego the sex. In this context, food exists to tease the senses – not just the tongue, but also the skin, eyes and nose. Work your appetite with torrid sex, then eat to your heart’s content during the Afterplay dates.

Food can get messy, especially if you have food fight in the agenda. I suggest you buy a special mattress exclusively for sex play, something that doesn’t absorb liquid or stain. You can use the ones they have in gyms, lay it on the floor and you’re good to go – you won’t have to worry about going to the cleaners in the morning.

Besides ice, mints, candy, wine, strawberries and whipped cream, here are other food ideas:

  1. Chinese food – Work the grease on each other. This may not be your idea of romance, but who knows, it might be your idea of fun. It will feel odd initially, but then you’ll remember how wonderful it was to be in a sandbox. Play and eat, be a child once again. Finish the messy affair by lathering each other in the shower. Get ready for some serious action after.
  2. Sauces – See how adorable she looks with some sauce on her face. (Don’t use too much, licking it all off can be nauseating.) Liquids are mainstays during foreplay, when penetration is not the main issue. Getting foreign liquids into the vagina may disturb the pH balance inside, so be careful not to drip anything in. Finally, cleaning up is as important as getting messy, make sure you still approach it with childish fun.
  3. Fruits – There are messy fruits, there are easy fruits – take your pick. Consider the issue of seeds, pulp and flow of juices.

Role Playing

Pepper your encounters with role playing and themes by putting on your best acting pants and pretend you are making love like different couples.

A very big warning though: WHEN THE GAME STOPS, WHEN IT’S ALL OVER, YOU HAVE TO STOP PLAYING THE PART – don’t get carried away. Moreover, never hurt, abuse or threaten your partner – I don’t care what the role you’re playing is. Keep it light, playful and flirtatious.

  • Doctor & Nurse
  • Dentist & Assistant
  • Judge & Lawyer
  • Boss & Secretary
  • Rockstar & Groupie
  • Superstar Athlete & Reporter
  • Business Tycoon & French maid

Of course, it can also go the other way and women can play the dominant role:

  • Hot Teacher & Naïve Student
  • Amazon Boss & “Let’s see if you’re really gay” Assistant
  • Horny Mistress & Pizza Boy
  • Beauty Queen & Pool Boy
  • Horny Heiress & Hunky Gardener

Mix & match, and make your own. Try Astronaut and Alien!

Sex Toys

There’s a legion of sex toys available in the market today – some of them will work for you, others are better off as home decors. But you will find that those that rub you the right way are really heaven sent.

Toys don’t get tired or think that the kitty tastes awful. They simply do their job and allow both of you to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Vibrators and butt plugs don’t compete with you, they aid in your pleasure and are on your team. Many get threatened with sex gadgets. It’s the “Why, am I not enough?” feeling that nips on the egos of men.

But there’s really nothing to be insecure about. You are definitely better than any toy – more delightful than any battery-operated device. Toys might bring her orgasms, but they are only physical implements devoid of psychological warmth.

You’re different – you’re a fumbling, sometimes clueless, ball of fun! So don’t think twice of employing toys, it’s not cheating. It’s simply admitting to being human. Face it, you can’t vibrate your tongue or fingers as rhythmically and tirelessly as any garden-variety vibrator. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

To spice up sex toys, try masturbating in public, in a discreet way. Bring a quiet vibrator to a movie theater, or masturbate in your car on a long drive. Wear a pair of quiet, vibrating panties to a business meeting and try your hardest to keep a straight face! When it comes to sex toys, use your imagination to bring life to old, played out toys.

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