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3D SexVilla 2

Alana and Michael were lingering in the shower, but Natalie didn’t mind, seeing as she was using the time to get things perfectly set up in the bedroom. The bed was stripped, the lighting good, and the tripod was assembled. She grinned as she mounted the camcorder, but something told her that it wouldn’t stay there for long. Natalie was planning on plenty of close-ups.

Her lovers emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam a few moments later, and both of them grinned as they saw the way the bedroom had been prepared. “I’m not sure I’m ready for another round,” Michael said.

“Oh, come on, baby, we’re on vacation!” Alana teased, and laughed as she grabbed his ass.

“Come on, we’ll be the fluffers,” Natalie said. She reached for Alana’s hand, and their naked bodies pressed together, slightly damp and chilly, but warming fast.

Alana sighed into Natalie’s mouth as their kisses deepened and their tongues tangled and teased. Their breasts pressed together, soft and luscious, and Natalie twined her fingers through Alana’s wet hair, pulling gently. She pulled a little harder, and Alana’s lips broke away from hers as the other woman tipped her head back obligingly. Natalie took the opportunity to press kisses down the hollow of Alana’s throat and to her collarbone.

Somewhere off to the side, Michael moaned. “You two are a living, breathing wet dream. You’re going to kill me, you know.”

“Not today,” Natalie murmured, dropping her lips even lower. She sucked one of Alana’s pert nipples into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the hard tip, tearing a gasp out of her lover and a moan from Michael.

“I don’t know how it’s physically possible for me to have an erection right now.”

“Why don’t you get your ass over here and make good use of it, then?” Alana teased. She turned her back to Natalie, wiggling her ass against her affectionately before she stepped forward to pull Michael onto the bed. “Fuck me, baby, and make it good.”

Natalie hurried to her camcorder and hit record as Michael rolled atop Alana and kissed her fiercely. They looked small through the viewfinder, so she lifted the whole thing and moved it closer to the bed, eagerly zooming in on the way their lips locked together in their erotic battle. She panned down, taking in the way Michael crushed Alana’s breast in one big hand and the way they ground together as if they couldn’t pull apart.

But they did. Natalie zoomed back out again, gasping in her own short breath as Michael sat up and knelt over Alana, turning so that Natalie and her camera would have a perfect view of him stroking his hard cock for a moment. Alana writhed beneath him, whimpering in unfeigned desire, and Michael grinned as he grabbed her hips and tugged her up onto his lap enough so that he could tease at her shining slit with his cockhead.

Natalie was right, the camcorder didn’t stay mounted for long. She clicked to free and leaned forward, focusing in on the way his cock probed at Alana’s smooth cunt, which shone wet with arousal. At Natalie’s nod, Michael angled forward and penetrated her slowly, making Alana cry out with desperate pleasure.

“Fuck! Yes! Fuck me, damn it!”

Michael didn’t hesitate to obey. Natalie zoomed in close, making Michael chuckle as she crowded in for the best angle. His cock slid in and out of Alana’s wet hole, gleaming, now, with her juices, and both of them grunted and moaned with the pleasure. So much better than ordinary porn!

“Turn her around,” Natalie said. “Fuck her doggy style. I want to see her face.”

Alana whined as Michael pulled out to comply. He pulled her around, aiming her at the camera and positioning himself behind her. “You ready for me?” he asked, rocking against her eager cunt without pushing inside. Alana growled in frustration, and he laughed as he adjusted his angle and thrust deep.

Natalie and Alana let out a soft moan on the same breath as Michael sank deep. Though she was only an observer for now, Natalie felt her own cunt hot with desire and ready to receive the same kind of pounding that Alana was getting. At this rate they would have to add another man to their little tangle, just to keep both insatiable women satisfied!

Her camera focused in on Alana’s face as the other women took Michael’s renewed thrusting with obvious pleasure. Her face was contorted in pleasure as she rocked back against him and she grunted softly with each deep thrust. “Yeah… there… yes!” Natalie shifted the camera to see that Michael had reached around to tease at Alana’s clit. It was only a moment before she had to turn the focus back to Alana’s face to catch the beginnings of her orgasm… Oh, yes!

Alana’s eyes rolled back in her head as she let the pleasure take over her body, sending shudders all through her and making her entire body quiver with the force of it.

“God, yes… Michael, pull out. Come on her. Come all over her.” He grinned at her as she panned out to take in the entire view for later consumption. His hand moved fast on his cock as Alana rolled over and spread herself for him.

“Fuck yeah, baby, come all over me!” She rolled her clit beneath her fingers and arched under her own touch, and Michael lost control. Stream after stream of his milky come shot across Alana’s breasts and belly, and she reached up to rub it into her skin, laughing with pleasure as Michael spent himself.

Natalie barely stopped to shut off the camcorder before she climbed onto bed and twined her arms around Michael’s neck, kissing him with heady desire. He groaned as he pulled her into him, and Natalie dropped her attention to his neck, kissing along his jaw and nibbling at his earlobe.

“Seriously,” Michael said on an exhausted laugh, “you women are going to be the death of me.”

“Not without fucking me first!” Natalie declared. She turned to grin at Alana, sitting up beside her. “I think he needs a bit more fluffing before you take a turn with the camera.”

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