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Give better oral sex…

3D SexVilla 2
We all know that receiving oral sex feels amazing… for you and for your partner…
But its not always an easy job for whom ever is performing the erotic sexual act…
But what if i told you there is a way to make your partner climax faster, and make their orgasm even more intense! While at the same time making the experience more exciting and delightful for you!

I sampled a product last night that does just that… Divine Oral Pleasures Lip Gloss from the Shunga Erotic Art line. 

I recently purchased many romance items made by the Shunga Erotic Art brand.

WantDesire.com has many of their products available for purchase so i wanted to learn more about them and share with you some details about the company and products they have created.
In my search, each item i have sampled by Shunga has been even more interesting then the next!

And i honestly can say… I am falling in love with this brand of romance products…

I found this Oral Pleasures Lip Gloss to be no exception… its just amazing!
The gloss is packaged in a sleek black box with a japanese image of two lovers entwined in a romantic embrace. The box front opens like a book and gives details in four languages on how to use the gloss to maximize its full effect. 
When applying the gloss you should allow for a thick layer for a more intense feel. You may wish to start out with just a bit at first to sample the taste and tingle, and find your personal comfort level.
I found it to be a tasty treat! It seems fruity and delicious at the first lick of your lips. Then it transforms and begins to tingle and excite your tongue as it works its way into your mouth. It has a warm tingle and cool and chill effect both at the same time… its really a very interesting product!
The gloss is designed for both men and women to enjoy, but don’t worry guys… it goes on clear and just makes your lips appear more moist and inviting!
As for my partner, he could feel the warmth and chill as well creating an entire new and exciting sexual experience for him. As if receiving oral sex couldn’t get any better… some how Shunga found a way!
I also felt that once the product was in full use and had reached my throat area, it gave me a more relaxed feel. It helped to relax the muscles deeper in the throat allowing for me to give a more amazing experience for him! I thought it was great and i know he did too.
I enjoy knowing that i am giving the most erotic moments possible to my partner.
And with the Oral pleasures lip gloss it cant get much better! or can it… i will have to wait and see which product by Shunga Erotic Art i will try next!
If you want your lover to smile for days.. you must find this item now!
For sale at wantdesire.com.

Totally intrigued,

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