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Get Ready For Hot Sex TONIGHT!

3D SexVilla 2

Sex involves some preparation first if you want it to be really good. Here’s how you can get ready for hotter sex tonight!

Cleanliness Is Next To Sexiness

A big turnoff for a woman is a guy with bad hygiene. You need not just be neat and tidy to keep her interested, but also to prevent infection from bacteria and foreign materials, as you are going to be putting fingers in some of her most sensitive places.

Shower and shave or wash your facial hair thoroughly. Brush your teeth, put on some clean clothes, use deodorant. Trim your fingernails the day before, so you have a chance to wear down any sharp edges. Clean under your nails and, most importantly, wash your hands! Use soap and water, and if you have rough spots or calluses, use a pumice stone to soften these areas. Dab on just the slightest hint of a cologne you know she loves, or an aphrodisiac scent like sandalwood or vanilla, and then get ready to set the mood.

Figure Out Your Sex Routine

You don’t want to walk into the bedroom, spread her legs and lay out a set list of all the moves you want to try on her tonight. Not only will she think you’ve gone nuts, but you’ll be too distracted trying to figure out what comes next to focus on what’s happening right now. Take your time to practice a couple of the simpler moves from each chapter, some labia and clitoral stimulation, and some penetration.

Plan to spend at least an hour, from foreplay to finish, especially if you are exploring the possibilities of G-Spot orgasm. Don’t cut corners, and do remember to take your time on every step, from desire, to arousal, to orgasm and back again. Be calm and confident, and if you stumble on something she doesn’t like, just move on to the next thing you had in mind. If you run out of ideas, ask her to show you or, better yet, improvise!

Create A Sex Playlist

One of the best ways to create a setting for love is through the use of music. Rhythm is super important to the female orgasm, so pop in some tunes before the big event. Try to mix it up, with slow and sensual, get-down groovy and fast-paced frenetic in a cyclical manner. This will allow you to work up to arousal and orgasm slowly, reach a climax (hopefully in more ways than one!) and start all over again at the buildup.

Set The Scene

While music is a great start to setting the scene, think about how your wife described her “ideal erotic experience” and see what you can do to turn your bedroom – or living room, or kitchen, or back yard – into the place in her dreams. What was it about this dream world that you can recreate here and now?

Try appealing to all her senses: soft lighting like candles or a crackling fire, something to drink like hot cocoa or wine, a light snack to nourish your bodies and make refueling sexy, like cherries and grapes, and soft comfortable surfaces like lambskin or soft sheets and warm blankets. If you don’t have a fireplace or a campfire roaring nearby for lighting, try adding a space heater or cranking up the furnace a bit for the experience. Your naked skin and hers will be grateful during this time of exploration.

Get Her Consent For New Activities

Informed consent is required if you’re going to try something new, and you’re not sure whether she would like it or not. Just being married does not give you the right to do whatever you want to your wife. There are some things that you just have to talk about before you do them, like anal sex. You can’t just put it in there and expect her to be cool with it. If you haven’t discussed anal play, you don’t have consent. If you don’t tell her that you want to make her squirt, she might feel like she doesn’t have your consent to ejaculate, especially if she is self-conscious about making a mess, (or worried about having to clean it up all by herself) so bring it up at your earlier discussions.

If you have an inspired idea in the heat of the moment, you don’t have to put it off for later, but you do need to approach her to make a decision about how far she is willing to go with you. If your finger slides a little too far south and she jumps, don’t just pretend that nothing has happened. Apologize for startling her and tell her you thought she might enjoy something new. If she isn’t interested, you will just as happily move on to something else. No pressure.

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