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Evidence Of A Good Night (Dick)

3D SexVilla 2
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Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until the next day… how nice it is to have a partner willing to focus so intently on my pleasure.

Since August has been declared Anal Sex Month (by whom we do not know) I figured it was good timing to step out with a reminder for you guys that everyone has a butt. Expecting her to receive when you are also capable but unwilling hardly seems fair.

Of course, penetrating your ass does not provide her with any direct physical pleasure… there’s a lot of “giving” involved when she’s giving it to you. For many, the vulnerability of surrendering to her entry can feel as foreign as the object shoved up your backside. The dynamics of such an exchange make it an exceptional activity for building intimacy in a trusting relationship… not to mention the intense orgasm it can bring.

The picture above was taken post clean-up the morning after a very rewarding evening with Jane. She was kind enough to entertain my desire for prostate play and talented enough to work [what felt like a very large] dildo into my ass. (For perspective, the stainless plug at the bottom is njoy’s largest Pure Plug with a 1.5″ diameter.) Those ridges on the glass shaft gave marvel to every thrust.

I collapsed from the exhaustion of my own pleasure and slept like the dead. It was her gift to me on a night when our libidos did not mesh and a loving act which left echos of physical joy reverberating into the next day. Adoration is not too strong a word.

Although… she did make me clean up the scene in the morning. ;o)

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