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Don’t Miss These Erogenous Zones During Sex

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Sex doesn’t have to be all about the genitals. Check out these other erogneous zones the next time you have sex and she’ll go wild!

1. Legs

Play with them, raise them to the high heavens, spread them far & wide, run your hands up and down their lengths – they are yours to be enjoyed.

And did I just hear foot fetish?

If you have a thing for feet, then help yourself to multiple servings of oven fresh toes. Offer them a combo of sucking, licking and biting. The warmth of your sucks, tickle of your licks and the pleasant pressure of those bites are a feast to a woman’s senses.

As your mouth busies with this lascivious labor, give your lover reassuring looks. Women feel self-conscious stuffing feet into other people’s mouths, worrying they’ll turn you off with them bunions. Show her a face that says you love giving oral treatment to her limbs.

And who can forget the clichéd foot massage.

Her feet – those poor dears, wearied from hunting for that perfect evening gown, will benefit from a firm foot stroke. If you’re up for it, extend massage courtesy to the entire leg. Give those legs a sensual indulgence before bringing them into acrobatic sexual positions. A much needed squeezin’ & pressin’ will take both of you a long way.

With you facing her, position your thumbs at her sole. Place the other 4 fingers on the opposite, bonier side. Knead her sole in a fanning motion. Move your thumb higher and higher for each repetition. Repeat as desired. Give her toes a firm tug & squeeze at the end. On the bonier side where the 4 fingers are planted, execute finger trains by gliding them towards the tips. Repeat as desired.

Then proceed to the legs. Slide your fingers under her calf. Slide up and down. The upward stroke is a gentle caress, the downward slide is the squeezing and pressing. Repeat this by going higher and higher ’til you reach her inner thighs.

Let me ask you: Have you LICKED her legs lately? I don’t mean just your tongue. I mean everything else you can run through those limbs. We’re talking about feathers, silk, ice, ice cream, warm sponge. Anything! Each object feels unique, it’ll be a banquet of sensations that’ll surely drive her bananas!

2. Butt & Anus

Chancing upon a stranger’s tight behind is enough visual to jumpstart a man’s erotic juices. While nobody knows what’s with those curves that get men going, we definitely know that we love not only looking at it but also getting busy with it. If you’re an ass-man, then this is home.

A bad girl needs to be spanked. This is one of those areas where you can go both strong and hard (but not that strong & hard!) Spanking her bottom is of course a classic move usually pre-empted by the lines, “Oh, you’ve been bad girl really naughty really, really bad.”

Lots of girls, even the non-S&M types, love getting spanked as long as it is done tastefully. How hard or heavy you hit, and how red her behind should be, is case for calibration – some women can take more than others. A little playful-pain wouldn’t hurt. Plant soft, gentle kisses on the area. She’ll feel so accepted and adored. Go make her backside tingle – lick it. If so desired, spread some whipped cream or honey, and have dessert off her buns. It would be one of the safest erotic thing you can do.

You can even bite that thing! Playfully bite it, let her know there’s more than one way of punishing a naughty girl.

OK, let’s get anal.

This is where it could get tricky, so let’s make this crystal clear. If you don’t wish to go there, don’t. If she doesn’t want you to, don’t. If she begs for it, and you don’t want to, no chance in hell. If it’s your thing, and the lady doesn’t mind, or in fact loves it, then have a ball!

A lot of women would rather have the backdoor left alone, although some try for the sake of experience and a good story. If she doesn’t feel comfortable receiving licks up there, then what are the chances she’ll appreciate anal sex?

But, sex after all, is about preference, and there is definitely no shortage of women who love anal action. With a relatively high concentration of nerve endings, it is still an erogenous zone. Men love anal-izing because of the distinct tightness it offers, plus the fact that it’s not “supposed” to be done, serves as a turn-on.

If you don’t have hang ups about it, you could start off the whole process by giving a few licks on the area. Analingus will tickle her in a strange way, but she’ll get used to it. After this, slather the lubrication. Use your pinky to run circles on the outer anus. Then slowly insert just the tip of your pinky, giving her anal muscles a chance to get used to the idea of things coming from the opposite direction. When inside, rotate your finger, then release.

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