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Do vaginal tightening products work? Yes!

3D SexVilla 2

Hello everyone!

As you know,
I enjoy testing all the new products available for you on wantdesire.com.

This week i have purchased :
Adam & Eve- Sensual Tightening Spray (Snug Sensations).

I’m so blown away by this product!

I have used it multiple times through out the week and found that it actually does what it claims!

To use this product start by applying a few sprays the clit and vagina area…
Massage it in gently if needed.

The vaginal tightening spray smells wonderful, and it made my pussy feel soft and tight.
Within seconds of applying, my area began to tingle and tighten.

(The feeling lasted each time for about 20 mins)

This product definitely enhanced my sexual experience for both myself and for my partner. During sex, i could immediately tell there was added friction due to the tightened vagina walls.

This was just such an easy way to increase our sexual pleasure. I’m so glad to have found this product. I enjoyed the tingling/warming sensation so much that i find myself now using this during mastrabation as well!

I think that it’s especially great to apply before morning sex because of it’s wakening effect to the vagina. It instantly gets me in the mood for lovin!

This product is also available in a 2 fluid Cream.
And they both can be found on wantdesire.com 
(Find by searching the key words “Tighten”or “Tightening”)

I have sampled both the spray and the cream and the effects are the same, they just offer an additional way to apply. Sometimes i use a bit of both.

Vaginal tightening products increase your chances of orgasm during sex. I have sampled quite a few different brands and so far this one has created the best overall effect.
Directions: Apply liberal amount to desired area.

Enhance your sexual performance while gripping every inch of your partner… Oh yes!
This product is a MUST TRY!

Your super tight & naughty gal,

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