3D SexVilla 2


Cunt Licking

3D SexVilla 2

She didn’t used to like it when I expressed the desire to give her a good cunt licking but I have persisted.

She didn’t used to like me being down there.

Previously, I would push her back on the bed or sofa, forecfully spread her thighs and just lead with my nose. Truth be told, that can be a bit tough on a guy’s neck, even when I prop her bum up on pillows.

So I have developed a new technique that I particularly want to indulge and refine today.

I’m lying next to her but with my head pointing towards her feet. My hand is between her legs with one finger on either side of her labia majora and the middle finger resting along the length of her cunt.

Just lying there with the lightests of pressures on the cleft between the two outer lips – she likes that.

‘You feel a bit sweaty’ I remarked but we both know that it’s not just [...]

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