3D SexVilla 2


Corrupting cosmetics

3D SexVilla 2

During our recent New York trip, I found myself wandering the aisles of cosmetics store Sephora while EJ shopped for bargains. (Actually, I think I ended up spending more money on things for me than she did for her, but still…)

My eye came to rest on something described as “The ultimate brush set”. I couldn’t help but reflect what a delightful set of implements that must be.

Next, a sign urged me to “Rethink lashes top to bottom”. Start the flogging with a girl’s shoulders… move slowly down?

That might call for their ‘Redness solution’ – although whether making a girl red or soothing her marks wasn’t explained. Perhaps it was related to the

‘Cheek colour’ range – decide whether a girl should be spanked to rose petal, violet orchid or lotus pink, and then apply one’s hand or the aforementioned brushes to achieve the desired shade?

Then it just got plain silly. An assistant showed EJ a collection of ‘Make-up sticks’: did she really offer my girlfriend an ‘Orgasm’. And what’s a ‘Super Orgasm’ in comparison?

The whole experience was summed up in a collection of make-ups by Urban Decay… called the “Vice palette”. Although ultimately I rather liked a range called “Treat & Protect”: surely what one should do for one’s girl?

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