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Choosing the Right Sex Toy: Shape is Everything

3D SexVilla 2

We’ve all been there: excited to get a new toy in the mail, primed and ready to do some hands-on testing…and ultimately disappointed. Sex toys are expensive, so when I buy one that doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’m pretty let down. I mean, it’s not like there’s a used market to sell vibrators you don’t like.

Well, there probably is, but ew.

But I digress. Vibrators, like the ones from my friends at Simply Pleasure, come in all shapes and sizes, and while most girls realize just how much size really does matter, what you might not understand is how important shape is as well.

When you’re buying a new sex toy, shape is everything.

Example of a fairly straight, smooth vibe with a clit protrusion from a recent LELO review.

The Basic Shapes of Vaginal Sex Toys

In case you’re new to the sex toy buying game (which is totally cool, we were all new once), let’s go over the basic shapes of vaginal sex toys:

  • Realistic: If it looks like a penis, feels like a penis, and quacks like a penis…it might be a sex toy. Some sex toys are made to resemble the cock and balls of a male, though depending on the material they may feel a little different when inserted.
  • Smooth and Straight: Very commonly, sex toys are made smooth and straight. Some are very thin while others are very thick. Length varies as well.
  • Hooked: “Hooked” sex toys, as I’m going to call them, are curved to hit your g-spot.
  • Ribbed/Nubbed/Etc.: Some sex toys have ridges, bumps, flares, etc. to give you a different sensation while playing.
  • Eggs/Bullets: Eggs and bullets are small vibrators that resemble their namesake, and they usually connected to a wire or string so you can insert (as well as using on your clit).
  • Lobster Claw: More recently, companies started making toys with a lobster claw shape so it stimulates you internally but also wraps around to stimulate your clit at the same time. We Vibe is a great example of this shape.
  • Finger: Some vibrators are made to stick on the end of your finger. These are typically small and may have nubs or other design features.

There are also external toys meant to stimulate your clit. Shape isn’t an issue as much with these toys since you aren’t trying to make them fit internally. Keep in mind that many internal-use toys also have a small protrusion meant to stimulate the clit at the same time.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

There’s no right or wrong answer across the board when it comes to sex toy shape. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. Or the pussy of the beholder, I guess! I’ve absolutely hated toys that got glowing reviews on other sites, and I’ve loved toys that other people find uncomfortable.

Here’s what you need to remember: There is nothing wrong with you.

It’s not just sex toys that come in different shapes. We are all shaped differently too, and that’s okay. Your pussy might be wide, or it might be narrow. You g-spot might be deep or shallow. Your labia could be long, short, or even uneven. All of that is just fine. Trust me, any man worth his weight will think that your pussy is perfect.

So How Do You Buy the Perfect Sex Toy?

Buying the right shape for your unique, beautiful pussy comes down to two key things:

  1. Trial and error
  2. Informed decision making

The trial and error thing can get a little expense, but you need to get to know your own preferences. I suggest starting with a small- to mid-sized, smooth toy to start if you’ve never tried sex toys before (and especially if you’re a virgin or have limited sexual experience). Then, branch out from there. More oddly-shaped sex toys, like lobster claws, can be amazing, but don’t work for every pussy, so don’t get discouraged if you try a toy that isn’t comfortable for you.

The second part is super important: you have to read reviews before you buy. Don’t just read one blogger review or the product description/reviews on the manufacturer or retailer website. Read reviews from a variety of sources. The best reviews will include both good points and bad points. No matter how much someone likes a toy, there’s always room for improvement and no matter how much someone dislikes a toy, there are always redeeming qualities. A mixed review is usually more informative than a review gushing or loathing a product.

If you have buying questions about different shapes or even just about sex toys in general, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at rori-at-silvia-pornostars.com. I’d love to help you answer them before making your next purchase!

Note: This is a sponsored post from Simply Pleasure, an online sex toy shop that sells adult toys in a variety of shapes and sizes. Definitely give them a gander if you’re on the market for a new sex toy!

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