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First timer here…

So, I haven’t got health insurance and I don’t made enough money to be able to afford a doctor’s care, but I have what I am almost certain is either endometriosis or fibroids or something similar (based on the research I’ve been doing and things I’ve learned from talking to people). Just, really terrible, AWFUL periods with cramps so bad I have to sometimes just lay on the floor and cry because I can’t move, and so much bleeding that sometimes I have to call in sick because I literally cannot leave the bathroom for hours on end; thick, [...]

Increase in spam


Hi everyone!

As we’re sure many of you may have noticed, there has been an influx of spam comments lately. Argh! We are doing our best to stay on top of them all and marking them as spam/deleting/banning as fast as we can. But with your help we can get rid of the spammers even faster.

As a reminder (or a heads-up!) we have a post in CVP just for pointing out spam!

Please, if you see something that looks a little off, or even remotely spammy, let us know over in the CVP post, so we can make [...]

Irregular period after going off the pill?

I went off the pill at the beginning of September – the 8th was my last pill day. I got my period the week after (sept 14-18), and then my first period post pill October 22-29th. I haven't gotten one since. The last time I had sex was October 9th, almost 2 weeks before I got my period, and we used condoms. 

I don't remember what my period was like prior to being on the pill – I went on the pill at 19, and was on it for over 10 years, with no break.  I don't remember whether or [...]

Embarrassing question, can’t ask anyone IRL.

Hello, I’m a 24 year old woman from North Europe. When I masturbate, I like to enter my vagina and poke or rub my cervix/uterus with one finger the moment I come, also rubbing over the little hole a bit. Is this bad for you? I started doing it one day and it feels so satisfying to do.

I don’t know who IRL to ask if something like that is harmful. Thanks for helping.

Follow-up pap question

I’m due for a follow-up pap after having some abnormal cells and positive HPV test six months ago. My question is this: I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of a BV infection (flagyl, clindamycin and home remedies have done nothing…some burning on occasion but mostly just buckets of discharge). Will that affect my pap at all? Should I wait until I get this under control?

For that matter, my period is weirdly light this month. Could it just be the excessive discharge “watering down” what’s coming out of me and keeping it from being the usual large amounts [...]

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