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Weird red splotchiness….

Hey everyone – so I went for a run this morning, then hopped in the shower, shaved my pubic hair on my groin (not close to the labia, etc) and now it’s all bumpy and red. Is this from having just shaved again after a week and a half? Was the water too hot? Or is it because of the sweat that I generated from running?

I don’t think it’s an STD but it just hasn’t happened to me before, so I’m a bit confused. My skin is also really sensitive and I never shave down there anymore so [...]

In Search of A New Birth Control, What is Your personal favorite?

I am currently on depo provera and it usually only has mild effects but lately Ive been having horrible mood swings, tons of break through bleeding and I am developing a mustashe plus I have been gaining weight.  Before The shot I was on the nuva ring and I loved it minus the constant yeast infections.

I havent taken any pills but I was thinking about starting some but have no clue about the brands.

I was wondering what you guys personally use and why you like them because I am ready for a change.

I was thinking about the [...]

Cervicitis + external itch?

Hi, VP!

I definitely feel kind of stupid making this post, because I’m a nurse and so my instinct is that I should already know this. Which, considering I’m not a GYN nurse, isn’t actually true, but it’s self-shame. So, anyway — for the past few weeks I’ve had an increase in discharge, which has mostly been milky-white and odorless. About three days ago, I started getting some pretty bad vulvar itching, and today there’s been an increase in gray discharge, slight odor and some bloody discharge.

I’m in the middle of a pack of Seasonique and have been on [...]

Pain during sex – 6 months post partum

Hello Superstars!! I had my first baby 6 months ago. Ever since sex has been really painful for me. It’s worst during initial penetration. The pain is there during the entire time but either it just gets manageable or the pleasure overrides the pain. It feels really tight and burns. I never had any tearing just what the doctor described as “road rash”. My hubby says he can feel the tightness and heat too.

We’ve tried lots of lube and I’ve been pretty relaxed/turned on.

I just came from the doctor today and she said its because I’m [...]

Post-Abortion Care

Lovely to see that this community is still going strong!

I have a quick concern.. I am probably just being overcautious.

I had a surgical abortion two weeks ago yesterday. I also had a Mirena IUD inserted at the same time.They said nothing inside for two weeks including fingers etc. They also said two weeks for hottubs but baths are ok after a few days.

I'm not sexually active currently, found out about the pregnancy after a breakup, so it hasn't been an issue.. but I really want to go in my mom's hottub, and I'm very curious to feel [...]

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