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Cervicitis + external itch?

Hi, VP!

I definitely feel kind of stupid making this post, because I’m a nurse and so my instinct is that I should already know this. Which, considering I’m not a GYN nurse, isn’t actually true, but it’s self-shame. So, anyway — for the past few weeks I’ve had an increase in discharge, which has mostly been milky-white and odorless. About three days ago, I started getting some pretty bad vulvar itching, and today there’s been an increase in gray discharge, slight odor and some bloody discharge.

I’m in the middle of a pack of Seasonique and have been [...]

My first gynaecologist visit

The time has come for me to visit a gynaecologist for the first time. I don’t want to go. I want more time first; I’m only 28. But who knows how much longer I would have to wait if I were to postpone this appointment.

The only reason I have for going is to see about getting a Mirena installed after the doctor at my family doctor’s office who inserts IUDs said that she can’t do it as she wouldn’t be able to insert a speculum. Well that and not wanting to endure another round of Depo Provera. The joys [...]

Period while on active BCP

Hi superstars! I started my current pack of BC (Generesse FE) a week into my usual cycle. So I’m on the third week of pills, but my body is acting like it’s in the fourth week. My period wants to come now, and I feel PMSy, with bloating, bigger breasts, and cramping (all usual PMS symptoms for me). But I have a feeling that the pills are keeping it from fully manifesting. What should I do? I’m going to keep taking the pills regardless (I go a little crazy if the hormones aren’t in my system without warning), but should [...]

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault and Sexuality and Intimacy

Hello VPers,

I am currently in the process of a trial against my female abuser. Throughout my life, she has sexually abused me on countless occassions from the age of five. The trial has been really hard on me and the hardest part is that the fact that I am a lesbian keeps being called in to question. The implication seeming to be that because I enjoy sexual relations with women, I somehow enjoyed the abuse. It is a bad argument and not really relevant but it is really getting to me on both an emotional and sexual level. 

Do [...]

Resources for Safe BDSM intro?

I believe this is on topic, because it’s sex related, and I am a vagina-bodied person. I scoured the links and couldn’t find anything on this. :[ I’ve recently started seeing a new guy, and he mentioned that he’s interested in bondage. He’s not very experienced on the whole, and I am not experienced with bondage at all, but I am educated enough about sex to know that one shouldn’t tie someone up using ties or scarves or cheap handcuffs that most beginners normally use–the fabric makes it easy for the knots to pull really tight and be difficult to [...]

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