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Thank you Babeland – Lelo’s Smart Wand #filthyblackfriday


Babeland sent me a little something to make my holiday weekend more interesting. The win this round by very generously sending me the waterproof Smart Wand by Lelo. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it’s what I think it is – a small silicone Hitachi with multiple speeds – I’ll be putting this on my top ten gift list for you this year. But in black, not purple. Mine is purple. But that’s okay because I won’t be taking it outside.

I always hate this holiday and the next ones, what with the whole no family [...]

e[lust] is back and accepting submissions for Edition 41!

Welcome back, and my apologies for the hiatus.

Please be sure to visit the Submission form to send us your best post. Due to not accepting submissions for October, I will extend back the eligible post date to include anything done in September if you really don’t have anything worth submitting from October. However, fresher content would be best if you have it, but I can certainly understand if you wrote something super awesome.

Please also be sure to send in your monthly-meme self portraits in via the Photo Submission page…all guidelines for photos can be found there too.

Submissions [...]

Hardware hacker makes open source vibrator in “Hacking My Vagina”


There is a great – and technically detailed – post over at scanlime right now called Hacking My Vagina. In it, Bay Area based Beth (M. Elizabeth Scott) hardware hacks a Lelo remote-controlled vibrator to try and make a sex toy that would facilitate a heightened feedback loop between herself and her vaginal orgasms. Basically, she wanted to mess with the remote and see if there were better ways the vibe might receive its information from the controller, and therefore execute different vibratory behaviors.

She uses a Lelo Lyla, which is from Lelo’s ingenious Sense Motion line (I [...]

Stephen Elliott’s unusual, darkly funny Kickstarter for Happy Baby

Set aside your Kickstarter fatigue for a minute and take a look at a very unusual – and well done – Kickstarter for a project I really hope gets its funding: Happy Baby, the Movie (by Stephen Elliott). It also happens to be the project of someone I admire very much, and with whom I share a warm friendship and a similarly insane past.

Happy Baby is going to be an indie movie based on one of Stephen Elliott‘s novels of the same name, which the New York Times said was, as “Surely the most beautiful novel [...]

How to deal with annoying Fetlifers

Trigger warning: racist & sexist slurs

A chatlog? Haven’t done one of these in a while. Anyway, here is a chatlog between me and one of my (white, straight, cisgendered, male, top) friends.

Wilhelmina: i wish random fetlifers i don’t know would stop trying to come on to me via messages

Wilhelmina: this one older guy messaged me once asking if i was “oriental” and wondering if i was a switch “because i was a woman” (???)

Friend: hahaha, oh man- and then I think of all the least appropriate responses ever

Friend: but he probably wouldn’t have [...]

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