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Lass Suicide by John Lou Miles


Fucking corndogs: how do they work?!?

Since I’m just sitting here watching the article I just wrote hitting newswires, I felt I should share with you what else is in my tabs: Lass Suicide by John Lou Miles. There’s other good stuff in my tabs but I think these links will keep you busy for a minute.


Ellen von Unwerth for Galore Magazine with model Ashley Smith


Bizarre scenarios and glossy BDSM/fetish fun, as we expect from Unwerth. Full gallery here: Ashley Smith by Ellen von Unwerth for Galore Magazine #1.

Hardware hacker makes open source vibrator in “Hacking My Vagina”


There is a great – and technically detailed – post over at scanlime right now called Hacking My Vagina. In it, Bay Area based Beth (M. Elizabeth Scott) hardware hacks a Lelo remote-controlled vibrator to try and make a sex toy that would facilitate a heightened feedback loop between herself and her vaginal orgasms. Basically, she wanted to mess with the remote and see if there were better ways the vibe might receive its information from the controller, and therefore execute different vibratory behaviors.

She uses a Lelo Lyla, which is from Lelo’s ingenious Sense Motion line (I [...]

Curtain Call


After 3 years, I’ve decided to hang up my hat on e[lust]. Oddly enough, it’s an idea I kicked around once or twice last year as well but I came to the decision in less than an hour last month. As I realized it would soon be time for another round to start up I had no choice but to recognize the strong avoidance and lack of fucks to give. Quite simply…..I had been drained dry. And like a lightbulb turning on I just simply knew it was time for me to walk away.

While there were numerous months [...]

Final days to submit to the last e[lust] of 2012 and MY last edition!

This is it, folks! Last call! Please send in your post submissions here and please send in your photo submissions here. I hope to see a great turnout for my last party

Submissions CLOSE at 11:59pm Pacific Friday night the 7th….please don’t miss the boat!!!!

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