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Review – Picobong Kaya


I haven’t reviewed a toy in a long time for a number of reasons, but when I got the opportunity to test out and review the new PicoBong Kaya rabbit-style vibrator, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. I also knew I was in a unique position to review this product since I already own the LELO Soraya (Kaya’s more expensive LELO sister). I’ll start off by saying I really like both the LELO Soraya and the PicoBong Kaya. I know not everyone is a fan of the rabbit style vibrator but I am. I like dual stimulation [...]



A new toy came today… what to do with it…?

Ask Aunty Dee: Anal Play and Buttplugs


A good friend of mine is getting curious about anal play. He and his partner have experimented a little bit with fingers up his bum (which worked out really well), but now she’s a little unsure about continuing – while he’s definitely wanting to experiment more with those good sensations! So, knowing that I’m a bit of a butt-slut, he came to me for some advice about what toys to try, and how to do so safely.

Which made me happy!

One of the nice things about buttplugs is that if your arms are long enough (or you’re flexible [...]

Love Glider


Speaking from a purely voyeur perspective, OMFG! I love this toy!

Just today I got an email from Extreme Restraints for 20% off: Spend more than $99 and get 20% off your order (coupon code OVER)

Go! Now! Buy it! Love Glider

I promise I’ll get pics of Coy riding this thing up soon. It’s fucking beautiful!

New toy!

Woot! I just got my UPS tracking info for the Love Glider! I have been wanting to get a Monkey Rocker to watch Coy ride, but as neat as it is, the price is just too damn high. I sent an email and asked for a product for review but they said no. If I was less lazy, I would’ve just built my own.

As luck would have it, a week or so ago I got an email from Extreme Restraints with a picture of what appeared to be a very similar contraption, but at a more reasonable price… over [...]

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