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A Brief Timeout (Dick)


Warning; This blog post is completely off topic.

We got a question today through our Contact Us form from a woman we don’t know named Susan…

“Just wondering if everything is going okay?  It’s been awhile since you’ve updated.. and I miss it.“

You’re right Susan, we have not posted in awhile and the short answer to your question is “no”… everything is not ok.

We’re not having relationship problems if that’s what you are thinking, the long answer is that my single father is aging in a very ungraceful way and transitioning quickly from independent to demented [...]

See You Later, Alligator!

Work demands a last-minute foreign trip, so I’m packing my bags and heading out for about ten days. I don’t know what the Internet sitch will be like on the road, so if you’re waiting for a reply from me, I’ll answer as soon as I get home!

Until I get back, I have a little comment challenge for you. Imagine you’re flying out for a business trip and when you get to your hotel, your partner has a little surprise for you…he or she flew out on an earlier flight and is waiting in your room naked! You [...]

Looking Back on 2011 (Dick)


Jane and I have something new and fun slated to start in January, a short series that involves a lot more than just simple blogging… we’re excited about it and hope you’ll make a point to visit again in a few weeks to check out the first episode. That’s all I will say on the topic.

In the meantime, and to buy us a little time during the busy holiday, we’ve put together a year-end highlights reel. You know, like when TV shows produce a flashback episode because the filming budget ran out. What follows are our favorite [...]

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2011


She’s done it again… Sweet Rori over at Between My Sheets has once again compiled a list of her Top 100 Sex Blogs for the year! There were more than 200 blogs nominated this year and it takes months of work for her to review them all. Her annual effort is truly amazing.

How did Silvia-PornoStars.com do this year? Number 11, that’s up from #37 on last year’s list and now in the top 5% of all sex blogs nominated. But don’t trust Rori, check out her list of Top Blogs for yourself and find your own new [...]

Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012


It’s my favorite time of year: time for my annual sex bloggers list!

Before we get to it, remember to check out the top sex bloggers who have been retired from the list (previous first place winners or those who have been in the top ten three times):

Sinclair Sexsmith Guy New York and The Dirty Gentleman Kendra Holliday

This year, I’m also giving out three additional awards:

New Voice of the Year: Mr. AbsinthePassion

Podcast of the Year: Sex Nerd Sandra (Runner up: The Masocast)

Post that Made Rori Cum Hardest During Judging: “Please hit me again Sir…” [...]

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