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My new smoking hot lingerie!

Last week i ordered a bunch of Male Power mens underwear for my boyfriend from wantdesire.com.

I was so impressed by how sexy and manly he looked in them that i decided that i had to pick up some new lingerie for myself right away! I picked out a fun & naughty style version of a school girl, because you know all men love a hot school girl outfit! Then i also found a more simple sparkled dress with matching little panties.  My guy loves it when i wear new outfits and we are big into role play. He has [...]

Hot New Twists On Classic Sex Games!

Sex games that have been done over and over can be boring. But you can try these sexy new ways to do old sex games and have tons of fun!

Food Games

Every once in a while, choose culinary delights to accompany your intimate enterprise. In the field of food alone, there’s of myriad things to do – so long as the couple is not afraid of getting messy. Practically anything set on a table and served on a plate can be eaten off the human body. Practically anything a hand can hold can be fed to your lady.

But [...]