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Is it true circumcised penises are less prone to infection and STDs?

Q: Is it true circumcised penises are less prone to infection and STDs? I keep reading intact feels better for the guy during sex, but it’s more maintenance to keep clean and can be infected and carry STDs easier than cut. Is there any truth to that?

A: Studies have demonstrated a lowered risk for HIV transmission among circumcised men. For information, you can read about these studies at the Centers for Disease Control.

Studies about sexual pleasure among circumcised and non-circumsised men are rather variable, incidentally. Some studies find that men report a difference, and some do not.


How can I deal with losing my erection?

Q: I’m 17 and I’ve been with my girlfriend about 6 months now. Every time we are about to have sex I can get an erection no problem. But then after having sex for a while I start to get soft. I feel really bad afterwards because im worried she didn’t get enough pleasure. Please, can you give me any answers?

A: We’d like to address the subject of worry first as this can contribute to erection variabilities.

Most males have variable erections at one time or another. Worry is a common response, however, best not to worry [...]

The Right Way To Do Penetration

Penetration seems simple enough, right? Wrong! If you penetrate her the wrong way, you can mess up the entire sex act. Here’s how you need to be doing it.

You’ve done the works – the whole nine yards. You’ve been thorough, gentle and moved slow as a turtle on hangover. And now you’ve decided, she’s more than ready. Besides, you can’t take the suspense any longer, your penis made that argument for you 10 minutes ago. It’s time to bring your ship to harbor.

How To Start With Penetration

Post a “Fasten Your Seatbelt” notice by performing SWEEPING maneuvers around [...]