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4 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Giving Women Jaw-Dropping Orgasms!

An orgasm is something guys want to give to their lovers, but don’t know how. Are you missing out on these things that will give her an incredible orgasm?

Who wants to know about scintillating secrets to please your woman in bed? If you are anything like the hot-blooded, testosterone-driven men reading this, you probably have your hand raised up high, don’t you? When it comes to understanding female sexuality, most men are woefully clueless. But all you need to know are these 4 facts about the female sexual arousal, and you are on the way to sexually fulfilling [...]

UnderRated: Cadburys Wispa

I’m not much of a chocolate eater but I have always had a huge weakness for the Wispa.

To be honest, I was sad but not distraught when it was withdrawn from sale since it was a temptation. And we anorexics don’t really like temptation.

However, more recently, when I seem to have the condition [...]

Simultaneous Orgasm: The Art Of The "We-Gasm" [Video]

The post Simultaneous Orgasm: The Art Of The "We-Gasm" [Video] appeared first on Silvia PornoStars.

What To Talk About After Sex

Sex is a wonderful thing, but afterwards can be a little awkward if you don’t know what to talk about. Here are some tips for after sex discussions.

Ok, semen’s out. Now what?

The world doesn’t end when you orgasm, there is a continuing, social, person-to-person interaction after intercourse. That intimacy bubble doesn’t burst when you ejaculate. This may not be evident in one-shot deals where you’ll probably never see each other again, but it becomes very obvious in long-term relationships.

What Is After Sex Talk?

Afterplay talk is very similar to boy-girl date conversation, the only difference is that [...]

2 Tell-Tale Signs That Your Sexual Stamina Is Below Par!

Premature ejaculation can happen to any guy, and it can often sneak up on you. Are you missing these two signs that you’re not lasting long enough?

Does time seem to whiz by whenever you make out? More specifically, do you find it hard to lengthen the amount of time you have sex? For many men out there, premature ejaculation is a REAL problem they have struggle with. And for many women, sex is NOT as satisfying as it should be, for the simple fact that their partners are not able to last the distance.

Did you know that premature [...]

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