3D SexVilla 2


As real as it gets…

There is just nothing in the world that can substitute the real thing (a real nice hard cock). But there are a lot of amazing products being made now that come pretty darn close! WantDesire.com has a variety of realistic shaped dildos and dongs that will blow your mind and leave you feeling just as satisfied as the real thing!

Recently i learned the difference between a dildo and a dong…i didn’t really know that there was a difference… but there is…

The only difference is that a dong has balls! While dildo’s can be shaped super realistic [...]

Weekend Away in the City – Part 4 (Dick)


click to enlarge It’s on the “Top 5 Favorite Things in the Whole Fucking World” list for all men who have ever woken up from sleeping… it’s The Slow, Morning Blowjob. Of all the ways there are to start a day (and there are a few), having the sap sucked out of his morning wood is about the best any guy could hope for. Sunday morning, that guy was me. There was no dog pacing to go outside, no cats climbing on us expecting to be fed, no kids wondering where breakfast was, and no brothers tormenting their sister [...]

The Universal Language of Love – Double Penetration


That is not the real title of this video.  The video is titled DOUBLE PENETRATION.  Both titles leave a lot to the imagination.

I have not a clue what words are being transpired between the two lucky men and one lovely woman of this video.  I surmise that the language is French, only because I hear the words oui oui and sabon being recited.

The video takes place out doors in nature.  A quite quaint and naturesk environment.  The woman has a smokin body, short black hair and a face pretty enough to do modeling.

The video is about 19 [...]

How much money can I make as a pro domme?

Q: I’m writing because I’ve been working as a stripper for some time and am considering migrating from that branch of sex work into working as a pro domme. I was wondering if you know the average income for a pro domme or where I might be able to find that out. I’m sure there’s a fair amount of variation depending on experience, marketing skills, etc. I’m just curious about a ballpark figure so I can figure out if I can afford to live on the income domming would generation.

A: As you alluded to in your question an accurate [...]

Please fuck my tight anus firstly

Still dreaming about this movie of Please penetrate my tight asshole firstly

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