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Hey sexy sexters,

Dont miss out on this amazing Sale. 30% off is huge especially if you plan on getting early sexy santa outfits that run out of stock later on next month. This discount is applied at the shopping cart before you check out. . no need to do anything. if you like us on facebook or add us as a friend, you will automatically get 30% off your purchase on any and all items at wantdesire.com. this discount will last until the end of the 2012. on top of that, if your total after the discount adds [...]

Wedding Planning

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to touch base and let you know that a) everything’s going great, and b) predictably, wedding planning is slowly becoming the center of my life. Fortunately, however, Jake is MUCH more into the wedding than I am, so my primary jobs have actually been to be a receptive audience to the HOURS of online research that he puts into every decision, and to rein him in whenever he starts going overboard (which is pretty often). So far, we have decided:

We’re getting married on a cruise ship before embarkation, then everyone can join us on the [...]

Street Harassment: It’s everywhere, all the time


Inspired by Stoya’s story over at Jezebel, I’m speaking up along with all the other women. This paragraph, after talking about how men treat her on the street, “They say I have a sweet ass, nice tits, a real pretty dress. They say I’m their future wife, or I’d look good with their dick in my mouth.” really spoke to me.

Before you try to tell me that it’s because I take my clothes off for a living, let me tell you that this started way before I was 18. Let me tell you that every single woman I [...]

Justine de Sade fucked by her boyfriend


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Is It Hot To Get Caught? (Dick)


Have you ever been caught masturbating? Have you ever wanted to be caught masturbating… hoping to be discovered by someone who would be more than happy to assist? Yeah, me too.

Or better, to be the one doing the catching… to walk in on your love interest in full horny hotness rubbing one out, all warmed up and aching for release? Yeah, me too.

Either I am clueless or Jane is stealthy because I have never accidentally stumbled in on her self entertainment. We have planned ahead to have me join her after a personal warm up [...]

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