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Am I at risk?

Hey I’m wondering if I am realistically at risk for catching anything. I hooked up with a guy and there was some mutual masturbation. He tried to go inside me but I stopped him because we didnt have condoms. His penis never went inside my vagina but he did touch the outside of it with his bare penis and rubbed up against it for less than a minute. He then ejaculated on my stomach. Should I even be worried about an sti? Pregnancy isn’t a concern as I am on birth control.

Everything’s Coming Up Lavender


This week’s Toy With He Tuesday photos were inspired by a happy little mistake our son made when he was trying to be helpful. He apparently forgot that you can’t just grab an armload of clothes out of the hamper at random and cram them all in the washing machine together. As a result of my favorite white lingerie mingling with some of his and Alan’s T-shirts, I wound up with lavender lingerie. I couldn’t bring myself to yell at him though. It’s a beautiful even shade, and it matches my Layaspot! Now if only we could figure out what [...]

Cybersex and Sexting: Is It Okay? [Video]

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Kayaking in Fort Lauderdale Yesterday

Do you kayak?  If you don’t you should.  Even Walmart now sells simple kayaks.  For as little as $150 and surely under $300 you can buy a new 9′ one person kayak that will carry up to 250 lbs.

They only weigh about 30 lbs and it is about as close to water and nature as you can get.  A kayak’s slim entry into the water and long narrow length, make it pierce through the water with utter efficiency.  You can paddle a couple of miles like a breeze.  The kayak simply glides through the water.  I have even had [...]

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