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Whoops, unprotected sex, now what?

So I’m on the pill, but I’m also taking Solodyn for acne. My boyfriend and I briefly had unprotected sex (started without a condom and then finished with one). I am really good about taking my pills, and normally I wouldn’t worry, but the antibiotics have me sort of concerned. I know antibiotics can make your pills less effective, but I am not sure if I have a reason to e legitimately worried about getting pregnant like this. I told him I was a little scared and he understood.

How likely is this, if at all? I am [...]

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Urgent Care Billing

I just got a bill from an urgent care clinic I visited for irregular bleeding.  

This is what they billed my insurance:

Outpatient visit $166

Urine pregnancy test $48 (!!)

Urinalysis $36

Candida screening $143

another vaginal screening $133

Trichomoniasis $134

Chlamydia $225

Gonorrhea $211————————–$1096!

 I told her I wasn't pregnant.  She said the required the test.  I told her I wasn't at risk for STDs and she said they strongly advise a screening.  No wonder why!  They make so much money from this!  

Thank goodness insurance covered all but my $35 copay and an additional $40 visit [...]

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