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Kayaking in Back Water Fort Lauderdale

Earlier today I put my kayak in the water at Bill Keith Preserve.>>> http://www.parkgrades.com/parks/bill-keith-preserve  This place is worthy of stopping by for a visit even if you don’t have a kayak.

You can walk its mulch paths and look at the peaceful tranquil water that surrounds it and see boats at the marina across the river and watch boats cruise on by too.

It was my plan to paddle west today.  I would end up over by the bridge that you drive over on State Road 84, which is a half mile or so west of I 95.

There [...]

Are You Naughty Enough To Try These Bad-Girl Only Moves?

Sex tips can help good girls go naughty and your man will LOVE it! Are you bad enough to try these kinky sex tips?

Every good girl knows that bad girls have the best sex ever. Every man loves a bad girl, just like girls love bad boys. But the reality of being with one or being one isn’t as good as the fantasy. So if you’re a good girl, what can you take from bad girls to spice up your life? I’ve got some bad girl only sex moves, but can you handle them? Are you ready to get [...]

3 Premature Ejaculation Misconceptions You Must Not Believe!

Premature ejaculation is often misunderstood. Clear the air and learn the truth about PE with these three untruths!

Almost three quarters of men are affected by premature ejaculation at some stage in their lives. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding of this sexual dysfunction has led to the birth of several misconceptions regarding this condition. If you have been suffering from the embarrassing problem of early ejaculation, you need to familiarize yourself with these false notions FIRST, before you have any chance of turning the tables on PE.

1. Premature Ejaculation Is Caused By A Weakened Libido

In fact, the reverse [...]

Rate avatars so scientists can breed more attractive ones


bodyLab is researching attraction and has a couple of studies you can participate in. One study collects information about faces and the other collects information about bodies. In both cases, you rate an avatar on a scale of “less attractive than average” up to “more attractive than average.” The lowest scoring faces and body shapes are removed on a regular basis, and the higher scoring ones will be used to breed a new generation of avatars.

bodyLab: Researching the evolution of human body shape

I rated some male bodies today and saw that they are on the 4th generation. [...]

Ariel The Nurse Ariel The Nurse


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