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Pregnancy questions

Hello everyone,

I am at a loss here and need some help, so here I am.

I am a 37 cis female, single with PCOS.  I have never been regular with my menstrual periods except for the last year.  I lost weight, started spirolactone and metformin and for some reason I started to bleed every 27-35 days.

Except for this month.

I had my normal period on Oct 30th which was fine, 5 days with heavy first two days and then gone by day 5.  I then had unprotected sex with a FWB of mine on Nov 12th and [...]

japanese 20.43


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scent, redux

In the most recent issue of Filthy Gorgeous Things, I wrote a piece about scent. My editor in her infinite wisdom changed the original title, which had been something horrible, to a line from the text, "We Are Mammals Under Our Thin Skins." Here's an excerpt:

I wish I had scratch-and-sniff remembrances for all my favorite lovers. I imagine thin cards, slick and white and vaguely clinical. A swift scratch on the rough patch and the sudden call to mind of this one, his roasty rosy odor; or that one, her perfume of strawberry and algae; or that one, his [...]

Old Fashioned Homemade Sex Video


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I Want to Suck Your… Soul?

Truth be told, I believe that spirituality and sexuality are the two most important forces in the universe. Without them we simply wouldnt exist. No, seriously, we really wouldnt exist. If this is true, then how can God not be sexual in nature?

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