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Vaginal pain during/after penetration (just read the bold, really)

Sex hurts. It hasn’t always been like this. It became common while I had my Paragard, as he is big for me and couldn’t help but keep hitting my cervix. After the IUD expelled it still hurt and I had no desire for sex. My period is long and heavy and painful (but always on time! oh-ho-ho) so per my gyno’s suggestion I’m using the Nuvaring again, this time stacking it for three cycles. I put it in that day, which was just over 2 weeks after my last period started. I’m due to replace it tomorrow.

So, I [...]



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LiveSex.com – Sex in the armchair


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Horny couple fucks on the couch


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Rocket Ship Curvaceous

Look what descends from the skies ceiling! Is it a dildo? (We should all be so lucky.) It’s a rocket ship!

No, wait, it’s just an elevator shaped like a rocket ship.

Bloody cinema complex. It’s all lies.

But that didn’t stop us going all the way to the top of the complex on the escalators (flashing all the way), and then coming back down in the dildo rocket ship escalator. Because why not?

What would I do without Hylas and Kiana to encourage and enable me? *grin*

(Yes, there are click-throughs!)


I am still amazed at [...]

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