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Casual Sex


Today"s featured video is Casual Sex. The reality of the booty call. Friends with benefits discussed. Can you handle the "impersonal" factor? External pressures? Is there satisfaction in a one night stand or sex without a relationship? For some the concept is easier said than done. watch video TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

A Coke and A Smile


Our Toy With Me Tuesday entry this week comes on a blast from the past. Years ago, when Coca Cola was the top drink of choice, no TV viewer escaped having the commercial jingle “Have a Coke and a Smile… makes you feel gooood…” stuck in their head. Well, we don’t think this is exactly what they had in mind when they wrote it, but it works for us

And, as NymphomaniacNess suggested in her post, hopefully that will bring a smile to any of our fellow bloggers out there who are feeling under the weather today


Catalina and Rachel Luv are two crazy teens that M


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Anal sex on the kitchen table


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Obama Pride: LGBT Americans for Obama

This is a You Tube video that is about 5 and a half minutes long.  Quite a few gays, lesbian and transgendered express why they are for our president Barack Obama.  I can feel and hear where they are coming from and this is a good part of the reason in my heart of hearts I know Obama is a good president.

However, as liberal and open minded as I consider my self to be, I still feel in my heart of hearts that gays should not be able to marry.  I also think that “don’t ask, don’t tell” was [...]

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