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Have you ever found yourself trucking along in life, and then suddenly feeling very overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you are doing?

One of the reasons I feel so right in a submissive role is that I have a tendency to overwhelm myself in everyday life. I take on lots of projects and don’t make time for those lazy moments. I have a hard time watching an entire hour-long TV show or relaxing with some wine and reading a book or soaking in the bubble bath alone with my thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, Iwantto do [...]

Protected: Building inclusive spaces & my local “kink scene”

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Just because it made me say yes, I think I’ve done that. In another life.

Is Performing the Best Part of Life?


Over the holidays, while watching The Nutcracker live on TV, I had an epiphany.

Here it is: Performance and the act of performing is critical to the human experience.

What spurred that thought was watching interviews with several of the kids who played major characters in the production. Even at a young age, children are very much aware that they’re on stage, performing, being judged for their performance, and growing as a result of the experience.

I look back on my life and recall the most vivid, most memorable experiences are ones where I’m performing, especially at a high level. [...]


I’m a pretty up kind of person.

I try not to let shit bog me down, try not to let the little things worry me too much, try to live in the moment and be thankful for what I have.

But lately?

I have the blues, man.

Mostly it’s little stuff; the kid growing up so fast, money issues, health issues (that cause more money issues), car problems, stress, too much to do and not enough time to do it, no help around the house…

You know, normal complaints.

And maybe I just let them wear me down to a [...]

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