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POP Pessaries for Pelvic Organ Prolapse

If you don’t do your pelvic floor exercises prior to or after pregnancy or as you age, there is a real risk of suffering with pelvic organ prolapse.

If you are unable or unwilling to have surgery, a Pessary may be suggested.

These are made of rubber, plastic, or silicone-based material and common types of pessaries include [...]


Understanding OCD

Ruf, my children and my ex regularly mock me for my desire to check that the gas is off and the front door has been closed. It’s an obsessive desire, borne from the times when we have driven away and noticed that someone has left the door open or returned to the kitchen some [...]

Sex and Heart Attacks

It’s the usual story, man trades in wife of thirty years for trophy model and then has heart attack on the job. And this theory was propounded by a study back in March that suggested physical activity like sex could make you three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours [...]

Clare’s Law – Do You Know Your Partner’s Past?

If someone knew about their partner’s violent history, would they leave before permanent damage was done?

In 2010, 94 women and 21 men in the UK were murdered in domestic attacks. The Freedom Programme in Northern England which works with victims of domestic violence and says it takes on average 35 assaults before someone [...]

Urinary Tract Infections and Stress Incontinence

I regularly get a great newsletter from Mary O’Dwyer of Hold It Sister.

This quarter, there are articles on the over-treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

This is an ailment from which I have suffered a lot over the years. I never really got to the bottom of it, so to speak, but regular sex did [...]