3D SexVilla 2


Another Man

Lying full-length and face down on the couch, I submitted myself to his attentions.

‘Don’t worry, Daddy’s got you,’ hung in the air as I cringed at the inappropriateness of the sentiment.

But, over the months, we have built up an extraordinary level of trust.

I know that whatever he does, I will feel better in [...]


Wolverine… and Kayla

I loved watching this film.

Not just for the fabulous body and pretty face of Hugh Jackman and the many action scenes, but because of his relationship with Kayla.

There are two or three moments which just stop me in my tracks with breathlessness. I get that echoy, tight feeling in my chest that signifies a strong [...]

Fear and Loathing Behind Net Curtains

‘I know what you do when you’re away. Everyone does.’

The words I had dreaded hearing.

My teenage daughter and I were having a big fight over a major misdemeanour and it had deteriorated, with her usual distraction and obfuscation techniques, into an argument over her view of my woefully inadequate parenting skills.

‘What exactly do you [...]