3D SexVilla 2


Hey baby, wanna come over and … fold my socks?

It’s a little bit Rube Goldberg for both of the purposes people are talking about, but who cares. It’s a robot! (And reminding me of a Big Bang Theory episode about a robot arm…)


Girlfriends ask, boyfriends deliver: Design your own luxury sex toy


I estimate that at least half of the sex-tech entrepreneurs I’ve written about over the years are men who say they invented their product or service at the prodding of their wives and girlfriends. In many cases, the women keep their day jobs to support the household and prop up the business, and the men try to bring the product or service to market before the whole enterprise crumbles under the weight of financial ruin. (I mention this in case you are one of those people and wondering if you are the only one in the boat. You’re not.)

The [...]

Kinect goes Wiiiiiiiiiiii, Wiiiii, Wiiii, all the way home — to home base, that is


The month has been full of “OMFG when will someone develop a sex game for Microsoft’s new Kinect thingie” and I have not chimed in, because I don’t have one handy and I haven’t had time to find someone who does. (Also, that two-day-jobs thing really cuts into the rest of one’s life, has anyone else noticed this?)


ThriXXX has been active in the 3D sex game space for years, and you might have already seen its trailer for its Kinect-enabled hands-on game. Sure, the hand is dismembered, but if you’re into the game, you won’t even notice. If [...]

Follow-up: ThriXXX supports Kinect and Fleshlight simultaneously


I’ve had a great email exchange with Brad at ThriXXX and am still following up on some details to see what I can and can’t publish about what’s coming up (so to speak), but for now:

Yes, the plan will be to support simultaneous use of multiple devices.

The Vstroker/Fleshlight is a USB device and the Kinect camera and other motion-sensing cameras are typically USB, so as long as there is a device driver for every USB device, we should be good to go.

The challenge of course is making sure the sensations that occur in devices like the [...]