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A million small pricks will damage the heart as much as a single large blow. More, maybe. Insomnia sucks. Cycles of sleeping too much and not sleeping enough leave you looking and feeling ragged and blue. Make up doesn’t help Spring makes my heart smile Open windows and breezes make Sunday mornings in bed a little bit of heaven

I wish I could draw I wish I could sing The urge to ride is making my hands itch Watching someone make mistakes and not being able to say anything is one of the hardest things to do. Ever. [...]

Lelo Ella and Soju Sugar Comparison Review

Ella | Sugar Drop | WantDesire | Sex Toys


Just because it made me say yes, I think I’ve done that. In another life.

Just because…

…you think you know me doesn’t mean you do.

I’m starting to think that ALL the people who *think* they know me stopped paying attention a long time ago.

Do you know me?

Or do you know the me you saved in your head that may have fit the me I was then but no longer am?

Fun Factory Massage Candle

Well, I’m pretty sure the whole world knows about my addiction to bath, body and massage products. If it’s an oil, a scrub, a candle, a foam, a salt, a gel, a balm… I want it!

So JR was super cool and popped into my Skype box and asked me if I wanted to review this Fun Factory Massage Candle and I was all, “oh, yells yes!”

A little about the candle:

It comes in a cute little cardboard box in shades of red, cream and silver as most Fun Factory Products do. It’s fairly discreet. It does say “amorous” [...]

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