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Cleanse your mind and body… with Shunga oil.


Cleanse your mind and body using the Shunga Erotic Art line. When i come home at the end of the day my mind is tired and my body aches. I long to just have all my pains melt away… I think most people feel this way most of the time… Taking a hot bath can go a long way but it can only go so far… After a bath i like to go the extra mile by rubbing a soft scented body oil on my fresh warmed skin. For me the bath or shower is for washing away the [...]

Kick the kids out of the bedroom!

Creating a kid free bedroom is important to your romantic and personal life… Lets face it… All day… its all about the kids… and thats okay. But your personal space in the evening (like your bedroom area) should be an adult only zone! No children’s toys… only adult toys if needed.

Keeping your love life in existence is important to your mental and physical heath.

Sometimes its easy to put romantic life on the back burner when we hear our little ones calling our name, and i’m not at all saying you shouldn’t run at the sound. But what [...]