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Do You Desire Affection And Sex From Your Wife?

For the “undeveloped” married man…those who haven’t yet learned how to turn their wife on sexually, their willingness to have sex is mostly based upon one factor:

Is my wife giving me any indication that she will she let me “have” her?

If the indications say “Yes”, then the “undeveloped” husband starts hollering “Yee-Haw” in his mind and “in” he goes.

The problem is, there are very few wives around who value themselves so little that they’ll stoop to the “undeveloped” man’s low value of himself…and her…so the “undeveloped” man doesn’t get very much sex.

Given his sexless state [...]

My Wife Has No Desire For Sex. Help!

Husband, what about your sex-life (or, as some guys say, “lack of sex life”)?

Does your wife seemingly have little to no desire for sex? Consider this man’s note:

“Help! For several years now, my wife has had virtually no desire for sex. At the beginning, things were great in the sex department but now, any sex we have is like she’s doing me a favor. And honestly, I’ve just about reached the point where I’m done with her. If she’d just be more sexual, I’d be happy with her because outside of sex, she’s a great woman. But, I’m [...]

Is Your Marriage In Trouble? Is Your Wife Saying, "It’s Not You, It’s Me"?

Frequently, husbands come to me AFTER their wife doesn’t want to talk to them, rejects any form of touch or intimacy, and indicates that she feels a need to go “sort out her thoughts and find herself” in some place where her husband is NOT.

Typically, these husbands come to me in a state of “shock” because although they knew their marriage wasn’t all that great, they thought it was ok enough to continue on.

But, not for their wife – for the wife, the marriage is no longer suitable enough to continue. The wife is no longer willing to [...]

A Happier, More Sexual Marriage; A Secret For Men

Hey guys, are you interested in a little secret that can really help your marriage be a happier, more sexual union?

I thought you might be…but first, I need to “prepare” you to receive this secret…

Men like things to be DIRECT. Men like it when there is a one-to-one correlation to what they want. If they want ‘X’, then they want to be able to DIRECTLY push the ‘X’ button and immediately have an ‘X’ pop out.

This is why men the world over…when it comes time for love-making…well, there isn’t actually much love-making…because the guy is busy PUNCHING [...]

What Is Love? Happily Married People Say It Is…

What is love?

Well, unhappily married people would say it’s that “magic” feeling that “just happens” between two people…it’s not something you can consciously create…it’s that “spark” that’s either there or it isn’t.

And, with a definition like that, you know WHY these people are unhappily married.

Love is the thing that people want more than anything else in life…and unhappily married people have defined it as something that’s completely outside of their control.

They’ve defined it as a WHIM that can come AND go…it’s something that’s unbelievably exciting when it’s there and intolerable when it’s not…and they are literally [...]

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