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Choosing the Right Sex Toy: Shape is Everything


We’ve all been there: excited to get a new toy in the mail, primed and ready to do some hands-on testing…and ultimately disappointed. Sex toys are expensive, so when I buy one that doesn’t live up to my expectations, I’m pretty let down. I mean, it’s not like there’s a used market to sell vibrators you don’t like.

Well, there probably is, but ew.

But I digress. Vibrators, like the ones from my friends at Simply Pleasure, come in all shapes and sizes, and while most girls realize just how much size really does matter, what you might [...]

Review and Giveaway: The Kinky Kat (Alice in Wonderland Vibrator)


You might not know this about me, but I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland. I fell in love with the movie as a kid, and the book when I was a little older. So when I saw that Doc Johnson was coming out with a line of Alice in Wonderland vibrators, I had to try them out. I bought the entire line! And, I also offered a special giveaway. Anyone who nominated someone for my 2012 Top Sex Bloggers list was entered to win!

Today, I’m going to tell you about the first vibrator from this like, The [...]

Review: Ola Vibrator


Is it too early to pick a toy of the year?

I know I gush about sex toys often, but seriously, y’all, this is the coolest one I’ve tested out in a long time. I’ll keep an open mind until December, but the Ola from Minna (graciously sent to me from ToyDemon), is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition at this point.

About the Product:

Here’s a quick video that covers how it works:

Basically, it has a soft, puffy stimulation pad that you squeeze to create vibrations. Squeeze it hard and you’ll get fast, intense vibrations. [...]

The History of Sex Toys

While cruising some youtube videos i found this video on the history of sex toys. The video shows a timeline from the beginning of the creation of sex toys… to the current day sex toys available.

I found it quite interesting so i thought this information should be shared with you.

I heard once before that cleopatra kept a small box of bee’s near her bed that she used for sexual relief. Kind of like a modern day vibrator… though i have no idea if this is true… it a cool idea.

I wonder what else may have been used [...]