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Cake “It’s a Slice”

3D SexVilla 2


I really dig the Cake Beauty products I”ve tried so far, right?  And, having had great luck with two of the bath lines/scents plus really love, love, loving the lip glosses I figured I must have the It’s a Slice scented products too, right?  Natural conclusion, right? Right????


I should have quit while I was ahead. I am simply not at all fond of this scent.  Not. At. All.

I got the It’s a Slice Duo — which consists of a full sized bottle of shower gel and a small tube of the velveteen hand cream in the same scent.

I’ll admit the products themselves work just as well as the same products in the other scents. They perform perfectly, as I’ve come to expect from Cake.

But the scent. Ugh. Just ugh. SO sickly sweet. Like a melted Creamcicle on a 110 degree day when all you really want is some nice, refreshing cucumber water.

It’s cloying, to me, and that’s saying a lot since I generally wear cotton candy scented body spray.

Cake products are good, quality stuff and the scent lasts a good, long time which is normally an excellent thing. Not so much when you can’t stand the smell, as is the case for me with this one.

Same goes for the  Supreme Body Mousse in the Orange/Vanilla scent.  It’s a great lotion in that it performs well, leaves you soft and silky but isn’t too heavy or greasy.  It comes in an 8 oz container (about half the size of the body wash, which is great.  I find I use about twice as much body wash as lotion so this means I go through them at about the same rate) and the flip top makes it easy to use.

It just…  stinks.


Now, having said all that, lots of people really like this scent a lot.  We all know that scent is highly personal and tastes vary not only from person to person but from day to day.

So. If you like that oranges and cream sort of smell, you’ll probably like this. It’s a tangy orange start with an immediate soft, creamy, sweet vanilla finish that lingers.

If you don’t  think that sounds appealing, try the products in the Desserted Island or Milk Made scents.  They all work super well and are all basically the same — other than smelling differently.

I got mine at WantDesire and you can, too. They sell way more than sex toys these days!

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