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Cake Beauty: Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Scrub

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I am so in love with the Milk Made line of products from Cake Beauty. So, so in love.

The smell is like sweet, tart raspberries blended with vanilla sugared cream with the tiniest touch of something warm and baked smelling in there.  It’s like creamy cotton candy or salt water taffy or some other delicious carnival smell.  It’s young and carefree and sexy all at the same time.

It’s pink.  Very, very pink in smell.

Today I’m reviewing the Milk Made Smoothing White Sugar Scrub.

This is a big old jar (21 oz) of white sugar mixed with scent, oils, butters, and some other typical bath product ingredients.  The sugar is course and the oil pools a little at the top so you want to give it a little stir before you use it — that way you’re not scooping all the oil out and left with none at the bottom of the jar.

The ingredients are fairly natural and, if not natural, at least generally not harmful.  They don’t use any parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum products or do any testing on animals.  The products aren’t organic but they’re kind to the body.

I recommend washing with your regular wash first, do the whole shave thing, rinse off…  then scoop some of this out and massage your body with it.  It’ll help get rid of the last dead, dry bits of skin, smoothing your roughest areas, while leaving you silken and smooth.  The more you massage it, the more you massage the oil in and the more of the sugar that dissolves.

Rinse again and, voila!  You’re smooth as a baby’s butt — only you’re sexy and smell good and not covered in a diaper!

I like to use the body milk after wards — it’s a light, liquid, milky, spray on lotion that is light enough to go over the oiled skin without being too heavy — but you may find you don’t need moisturizer at all!

I got mine at WantDesire and you can, too. They carry way more than sex toys these days!

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