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Boat Rides in Fort Lauderdale

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I only worked an hour and a half today.  I then drove to the nearby 15th boat ramp in Fort Lauderdale.  It is off of 17th St Causeway and Cordova Road.

I just want to mention this.  Here is is 7:13pm and the date is Dec 8, 2012 Saturday.  The sun has gone down since about 5:30pm and it is STILL so hot and humid out that I have to run the AC in my house.  My thermometer said it was 79 degrees when I turned on the AC.

The reason I am telling you this, is it is the reason that people from all over USA move to Florida.  Where else in USA can you live in December and have it be in the mid to upper 70′s out.  I now have boxer shorts on as I type this and my AC running and in the past few minutes the AC got the temp down to a more comfortable 73 degrees.

So here I was sitting in my vehicle at the 15th St boat ramps in Fort Lauderdale.  I was enjoying watching the boats cruise on by.  Most of them small fishing boats, the type that are powered via an out board and in the range of 15 feet to 25 feet.  A stray larger boat up to 40 feet cruised by too.

Then there are about a half dozen guys and a girl or two fishing from the sea wall.  They were fairly steady in catching half pound to 3 pound fish.  Throwing the smaller ones back in and cutting up and cleaning the larger ones right there with the table and water faucet supplied via the city.  Pelicans hang out waiting for the fish scraps.

As I sit and enjoy the views and breeze, the Duck vehicle drives into the parking lot and down the boat ramp into the water.  The duck boat is one of those amphibious vehicles, drives on land and in the water too.  Here is a link to their site. >>> http://fortlauderdaleducktours.com/home.html

I looked at the prices and it is $32 for an adult.

Out of curiosity, I wondered how much the Jungle Queen, Carrie B and the Water Taxi cost.  Here is a web site that gives you the prices for all. >>> http://www.fortlauderdaletours.net/?event=offer.type&productType=CRUISE&mpt=410&name=Cruises%20in%20Fort%20Lauderdale

Basically the Jungle Queen is $17.45.  CarrieB is $22.95 >>> http://www.carriebcruises.com/index.html and Water Taxi is $19.95 for all day or $9.95 for all evening.

Any of these boat rides are especially good for people who know minimal about Fort Lauderdale.  They give you a visual tour of the richer homes and share interesting info with you.

On the ride back home I stopped off at Sub Way and bought two 6″ meat ball subs for 2 bucks each and then bought two Boston cream donuts from the next door Dunkin Donuts for 99 cents each.  Enjoyed with my can of diet soda bought at Aldi for like 20 cents. (get a free cup of ice from Sub Way)

Some enjoyable time passed watching boats and people fishing. 

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