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Bathing problem.

3D SexVilla 2

I have a small problem and I am hoping all of you lovely VPers could help me.

I just moved in with my boyfriend and he has a 7 year old daughter that stays with us on the weekends (I will call her G to make it easier). G is a great kid and I love her… But she has a bathing problem. When G is at her moms house she never showers. G only showers when she stay with us for the weekend. Her mother is a nasty person that doesn’t shower either and that is where G has learned her bad habit from. My boyfriend and I are trying to teach her it is very important to shower and be clean. G has gotten sick of hearing my boyfriend tell her she needs to wash when she is at her moms house that she lies now. G tells us she is showering but we can smell her, so we know she isn’t. I love the kid and really want to help her grow into a strong young women. And I feel part of helping her growing up is teach her good healthy habits. I am just having a hard time talking to her about the bathing issue. She isn’t understanding why it is so important to be clean. Do any of you know of any kid friendly resources that I might be able to use to help get the point across? I really want to teach her good habits now before she starts period. Because once her body changes she is going to need to be clean to stay healthy. Any advice would be very helpful. Thank you in advance. VP is a great resource.

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