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Are You Making These Mistakes During Sex?

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Sex doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but when you make mistakes you can really screw things up. Are you making these common sex mistakes?

Most articles on sex tips tell you what to do. But how often do you read one that tells you what NOT to do? There are many mistakes that men make in bed that turn off women quicker than the latter could say “not tonight”. Well, read on and see if you are guilty of committing any of these lovemaking “boo-boos.”

1. Lack Of Confidence During Sex

Confidence is a great asset that any guy could have. When it comes to sex, confidence is what gets a man going and giving his female partner an unforgettable night. A woman loves a man who is sure of his ability to charm her in bed. So once you have set your mind on a night of great lovemaking, don’t waver in your attempts and give up too soon. Sometimes, women give out mixed signals of not wanting sex when they actually yearn for it. Show her you know what you are doing. Create a romantic ambiance, sip on some wine and add a touch of sizzle through music. Once you get her in the mood, follow through with some sensual foreplay and amp up her temperatures for the night!

2. Making Out The Same Way All The Time

Do you use the same sex position each time you have sex? What about making love in the same place at and the same time, every time? Falling into a routine is probably one of the easiest ways to take the fizzle of out any sex life. Why not put the passion back into lovemaking by trying out new things, new positions, new places to make out? Even something as simple as making out on the floor instead of the bed can make a whole lot of difference in your sex life!

3. “Tuning Out” During Sex

Ever had sex when your mind is not really into it? Many men are guilty of this too! The worse thing you could do is to start making love and then stare into space! Here’s the thing: If you are too stressed to make love, or if you are simply too distracted by something at work to give her a great time in the sack, there is always another time.

So the next time you plan to give your lover a great time in bed, it would be wise to look back and reflect on whether you have been making any of these lovemaking mistakes.

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