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A question of attribution

3D SexVilla 2

Out of the blue, I received an email the other day, asking: “Why do you think it’s okay to post other peoples copyright pictures on your tumblr yet cry when someone uses a story of yours elsewhere”. Not the most charming of notes, it must be said, from someone from whom I’ve never previously heard. But I still thought it merited a reply, as it touched on an interesting issue. Here’s what I said in response:


To the best of my ability, I never post pictures that are marked with (c), ‘copyright’ or indeed any text / name. That’s a very deliberate thing, for exactly the reason you say. And it’s a very different approach to almost every other Tumblr site I see. I do repost unmarked photos – that’s how Tumblr works!

If I have inadvertently done so with one of yours, please do let me know and I’ll delete it when I’m next at my PC.

As for my stories: they’re all over the web by now, and I’ve always willingly granted free permission to anyone who’s asked to use them on free sites. The whole point of writing – and publishing – huge amount of free content is to get it read! I’ve only ever objected where people have used my content (which is always clearly marked as being my copyrighted material) to make money for themselves on commercial / paid sites, or where people have passed off my writing as their own.

Hope that clarifies?

Best wishes


And I think that’s a fair approach. I’ve chosen a ‘theme’ for my Tumblr site that allows anyone to look at an ‘audit trail’ to see who else has posted it, and where it originated from. And my only other rule is that I don’t post photos of people I know personally! But I’m interested in others’ views: is managing my Tumblr site as ethically as I can the right thing to do, or is the whole Tumblr concept so flawed as to be unacceptable?

(Needless to say, the sender of the original email didn’t bother acknowledging my reply. But then the sort of person to send a note like that wouldn’t, would they?)

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